Rant Alert: I’m cancelling, so NOW you want to offer me a discount?


Yesterday I decided to finally make the call I’ve meant to do for a few months. I cancelled my Thur-Sun paper delivery of the Cincinnati Enquirer as I felt paying nearly $20 a month for something I rarely made time to read (most of my news comes from online or during News broadcasts) and was too expensive for something I no longer found value.

Here’s the Rant

rant-alert11When asked during my cancellation call why I was stopping the paper delivery (not sure why it is really anybody’s business but mine), the customer service girl was informed that I was cutting unnecessary expenses and did not feel there was value in me receiving a physical copy of the daily news any longer. Customer service girl repeated that I was “cancelling my subscription because of finances.” NO! was my reply, that is not what was said and I repeated exactly what was stated the first time.

After customer service girl correctly restated the reason for my cancellation she replied with “I understand but wanted to make you aware of a really great price reduction offer that would allow you to retain your current delivery schedule at a substantial discount.” WHAT???  You mean, I can get exactly what I’ve been getting and NOW because I am calling to cancel you WANT to offer me a discount so that YOU can keep my business?  No can do! A day late and a penny foolish for The Cincinnati Enquirer.

My Rationale

Throughout most of my adult life I have been of the belief that if I am paying you for a service, and you now offer the exact service for a price lower than what I’ve been willingly paying you for who knows how long; I should automatically be offered the lower price as a gesture of thanks for my business!  Period!!

Wake Up Business Owners

Take Note: If you automatically offer give me a discount for a service/product I am already receiving from you and it is reflected in my monthly statement, Personally, I would: 1) be super stoked that my monthly expenses have been lowered and I did nothing to make it happen; and 2) feel a bit more loyalty when it comes to your company and services because you saved me money – all on your own – and nothing was required of me to make it happen!

Thoughts from a Consumer

I truly believe companies make it harder on themselves in “earning” and retaining those sometimes hard-earned customers.  Consumers are not stupid people who just throw dollars at you for your products/services. You mustcontinually” earn our business and demonstrate why we should maintain our “business relationship” with your organization.  When the time comes that we “the consumer” no longer feel your products/services are of value to us, we will move to a company, venue, or source where we will experience value in a business relationship. YES, paying a newspaper outlet for daily delivery IS A BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP; one which needs to be nurtured just like any other!

Sad truth, this who scenario has happen to me on several occasions, most recently when cancelling my auto insurance policy with one company to go with another. Why do companies not find the value in retaining customers while they have them instead of trying to keep an oily grip on them after the consumer made the decision to seek another to replace them?

In my opinion, perhaps companies should identify BMPs (best management practices) for their industry which would involve “managing” their company, and not just going along with poor business practices and or policies that do not work!  WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

Sometimes public figures should think before opening their mouths.

It Peeves Me

First I must say I am no way involved in politics or have any wish to be; however I have decided since I have a blog I’ll write about something that get’s “all up in my crawl” (as my southern girlfriends would say.)

Of late I have read (and heard) multiple times where people (mostly public figures) say something that has caused public uproar.  Then to save face, they try to backtrack (clarify what they really said) and state we (the public) misunderstood the point they were trying to get across.  That we (the public) are the ones who took what they stated entirely wrong.  That what they meant to say was actually the OPPOSITE of what they…ahem….SAID!

A Piece of Advice

If you say what you feel or believe…have some character and STAND BY it. Back it up, don’t waiver, crack, or change your story to appease the populous. If you know you’ll be speaking on a hot point topic, complete your due-diligence, get your facts right, decide where you stand on the topic and why, and most importantly…make your stand and not act like a wimpish human when your position is challenged.

I am tired of hearing people (mostly politicians, or someone running for a public office…yeah, mostly politicians) make a comment, then because it isn’t popular they retract their statement.  Really?  I understand clarification is sometimes necessary; however clarification is that… clarification and not a total turn-about.

If you are running for an office, elected position or speak publicly, you should be old enough to know you cannot please all of the people all of the time.  If you run on a particular platform for your campaign….STICK TO IT if you should be elected or appointed for a specific office, do no say one thing to get elected, then change your direction when you gain office.

Lastly, if you are going to open your mouth to speak, make sure you are educated on the topic and not just “puke” a bunch of crapola off the top of your brain (if you actually possess said organ.)

Perfect Example of Vomit Mouth/Brain


Perfect example would be Rush Limbaugh….not that he retracted his comment regarding his “prostitute” statement last year (that I am aware), but he said something that was foolish, unwarranted, and clearly showed he was misguided in his “good judgement.” You can read the article on CNN’s website here.   Rush fully demonstrated that he was uneducated on the topic, or is just plain ignorant in good judgement before speaking on it.  Don’t get me wrong, I have listened to Rush for years, I agreed with him on a lot of things and disagreed on others.  Unfortunately because of his free for all vomiting of the mouth, Rush has fallen from his pedestal and cannot get up.

Another example of crapola for brains would be when Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) suggested that rape needed to be classified as “legitimate rape” and that women who are raped can’t get pregnant.”  WHAT?!

What has America come to?  Why do we shrug off the ridiculous comments and let people stay in office or the lime-lite?  We need to take America back and hold elected officials and public figure accountable for their statements and their actions.

(Thanks for letting me vent ya’ll.)

My Sentiments Exactly!

I have been mulling over how I would sum up the U.S. Presidential election in my blog when I came across this video of precious Abby who perfectly echoed my sentiments of late.  I already know who my candidate is for Tuesday’s event and quite frankly I have grown tired of hearing the names “BRONCO BAMA and MITT ROMNEY,” as Abby states them.  I keep telling myself…four more days…four more days.  Until the ads start again in three more years.  UGH!

Changing Old and Long Drawn Out Habits

I say our political election campaign duration should follow France’s lead where the “campaigning” period is two weeks prior to voting.  Don’t believe me?  Go to the Library of Congress to read more about their political system.

Reblogged from…Bea Makes Three.

If you have (or had) a four-legged family member, you should read this.

Beatrice, the pick of the 2010 Rizer Goldens litter was generously given to us as a wedding gift. It was a very happy time for us and her addition to our family added to that joy tremendously.  Beatrice was a very special gift because she was so much more than just a dog.  She was full of light and happiness that you could truly see when she pranced into a room.  Bea’s heart and her funny quirks inspired me to write this blog.  I called her my Sweet-Bea.

When we first got Bea, the intention was to show her.  Her lineage was quite impressive and her potential as a show dog was thought to be endless.  Unfortunately for Bea’s career, her heart melted ours and the thought of her being on the road at shows, away from us, was too much to bear.  Beatrice was our little lap dog and her place…

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What is happening to our society?

A Troubling Trend

Over the past several years, I have noticed more and more people are out for themselves. They create their own drama, crawling to you asking for help (help = money), they suck everything they can from you, then kick you to the curb when your assistance is no longer needed. But as soon as they are down on their luck “once again,” here they come….crying, boo-hooing and woe is me (blah, blah, blah); never learning from their mistakes, never heeding advice, or seeking to better themselves. They always look for the easy way out, the road of less work, or a handout. They have become pros at dodging bill collectors and those they personally owe a debt. They have perfected lying and nothing, absolutely nothing that crosses their lips has an ounce of truth to it. They cannot be trusted and have created a life of chaos, stress, uncertainty, and without stability for themselves and their family.

More often than not, I find myself…reminding myself…

“Do not make someone a priority…when they make you their option.”

Stings…but wise words to live by! Am I beginning to lose faith in the human race? Will we all eventually be out to stick it to others while looking out for “number one?” Is it because times are hard for so many people and they have launched into survival mode; not realizing that screwing people over is not a “survival” move?

I Want to Believe…

…that people are genuinely good and sometimes their view becomes cloudy.  I want to believe it is a phase people are going through and in general people can be trustworthy, genuine, and sincere with their words and in their actions.  Hopefully people will, sooner than later, realize life is not a dry run…quite the contrary, life is in full swing where u-turns and do-overs are not permitted.

If someone really wants to share their life with you, they will make you a priority in their life.