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Thanksgiving 2014

There is so much trouble in the world today; across the sea with other countries and across our nation with our neighbors.  I have many feelings and comments I could express regarding Vladimir Putin, the craziness going on with the Michael … Continue reading

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The Boy & Rhinestone Cowboy

Really y’all, this IS my life! I’m sitting here working and singing along with the music playing in the background; I’ve got the 70s station streaming and Rhinestone Cowboy was playing. The Boy walks in and repeats the lyrics “Rhinestone Cowboy” … Continue reading

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The Love Affair is Ova!

You may remember when I wrote of a love affair (read it here) that started more than ten years ago.  Well that special love has somewhat subsided.  Let me tell ya a story. It all started… …a few nights ago when … Continue reading

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The Boy and life as a cart-go-getter.

Well it is official, my youngest is employed and I feel old! A few weeks ago The Boy became gainfully employed at a local grocery store as a bag boy and cart-go-getter, and has his first month of paychecks under … Continue reading

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Almost 47 and still learning…

…that it is okay to put myself first, sometimes. For being 16 years old…”the Boy” is quite insightful at times.  He’s reminded me of some of the things I’ve taught him and his brothers over the years.  Two recent lessons … Continue reading

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