LIFE, I find myself asking WHY is this happening???

Life is full of adventures, laughter, tears, fun times, and unfortunately death.

LifeI have recently learned someone very dear and close to me has been diagnosed with a terminal/end stage disease.  I cannot and will not treat them any different than I always have, yet I want to do whatever I can to make their last days, weeks, months (hopefully years) full of love, laughter, hugs, smiles, happiness, and reminiscing.

I find myself in quite a perplexing situation as I was asked not to share the newly learned information with anyone we know; however, I believe said mutually known “people” would want to know what this person is facing and that their time on earth is not as long as we would hope.

So, since I have made a promise to keep the “in confidence,” confident, all I can say is tell your family and friends how you feel about them.  It does not hurt anyone to let them know daily (while sincerely) that you love them.  Take the time and tell them how your life has been enriched by their presence, the jokes shared, or how the sound of their voice makes you smile.

Don’t look at situations as a burden, accept them as an opportunity to do something unselfishly for another.

We truly do not know what another’s life is like, their burdens, their sorrows, what they’re thinking, what they wish.  There is no way to fully comprehend as we do not walk in their shoes.

As I have so harshly been reminded over and over again these last many years….our time on earth is so very short and death is so mercilessly final.


Funny Euphemisms for Our Beloved Tush…Backside…Derriere

Who? What? Huh?  Not “The Who”, but rather “The Blue Man Group”!

Sitting here relaxing on a Friday evening catching up on watching my recorded shows from the week, the show on now is “ellen” and her musical guest is “The Blue Man Group.”  I thoroughly enjoy the BMG and their type of entertainment and the song they performed on this episode of “ellen” is new to me, although it’s been out for at least two years.  While listening to their song, I couldn’t help but to laugh at the lyrics and find the “euphemisms” used to describe our backside to be…well….hilarious.

Below are some of the alternate words used to describe our tush….if you have others that are not on this list, please share with us in the “Talk to Me” section below.

Rear End · Hind Quarters · Backside · Bottom · Buttocks · Rump · Posterior · Heiny · Keister · Tush · Buns · Bum cakes · Junk-in-the-Trunk · Badonk-a-Donk · Squash Tart (hilarious) · Fanny (see reader’s comment below) ·Double Slug · Wiggle Bags · Mud Flaps · Rump Rockets · Flesh Pot · Second Face (huh?) · Bounce House · Jiggle Twins (was thinking these would be a little higher up, on the opposite side) · Jar Jar Binks · Bubble Pop · Medicine Ball · Sonic Boom · Booty · Freckle-Muffin · Turkey Stuffin’ · Caboose · Rump-Hump ·  Moneymaker · Sit Biscuit · Rock Tumbler (never heard this one) · Run Cooker · Subwoofer ·  Horn Section (bawhaha) · Frodo (isn’t this a person) · Launch Pad · Rotunda · Closer · Crock pot · Jumbotron · Airbags · Two Boneless friends · Giant Fluffy Bears · Buttercup · Monster Truck · Skin Smurf · Wiggle Cloud · Mud Flaps · Bum Tooter · Boo-tay · Carry on Luggage · The J Lo · Derriere · Patootie · The Honker · The Shelf · Spank Bank (ouch)

Some of these were in the BMG song mentioned, some contributed by me and a few others were found on the internet.  Just thought some of them were funny and wanted to share a laugh or two with you.

As the English language is spoken somewhat the same across many countries, the meanings may not be the same.  Please know it is not my intention to offend anyone or make light of any culture’s language, other than how American’s describe our rear-ends and to have a little fun.

It’s official…

…vacation is over, and so seems to be the full nights of sleep!

After working 60+ hours the week prior to vacation week, I rose this morning at 5:00 am and was in the office by 7.  Worked 11.5 hours, commuted home and now I find myself sitting here blogging at 12:25 am on the morning of June 19th.  Again…sleep eludes me.

For someone who has not slept a full night for months, I could have slept all night AND day in the mountains while on vacation.  I do not know what it was, could it have been the mountain air (and all the fresh oxygen generated from them)?  Or perhaps it was the bed or the fact that I was on vacation and therefore automatically felt relaxed…no work?  I can say this for sure, whatever the “sleep inducing” variable, I sure would like to identify it…bottle it…and keep a bottle in my purse for nights such as this.

Blessings in Disguise

It is funny to think sometimes about the senses of the human body.  After a long and very difficult day in a fast paced environment a person could relish the idea of just sitting and relaxing without the sense stimuli our bodies provide us.  Our bodies ache with the strains of continuous use of our muscles and bones to accomplish the tasks of the day.  A person could stretch out and let ourselves try to relieve ourselves of stresses of life.

One of the most annoying senses that seems to contribute the most agony is the sense of sound.  There is an old adage that silence is golden and this writer can attest to the validity of that adage.  The part that I find so humorous about the desire to squelch the sense of hearing is that when you look at each individual wave of sound that causes your eardrums to vibrate you find that if they were not present then another human sense kicks in.  It is not a sense in the truest form but it is sensed nonetheless.  That sense is the sense of loss, a void so to speak.

You look at the sources of these sounds and then think 10 or 20 years or longer into the future and realize those sounds will not be present.  They are the sounds created by our children just being children.  It is then that you no longer look at the sounds as a nuisance but thank god that you can hear them.  It means your children are at home and are safe.  You know where they are and how they are doing.  Some nuisances are like many other things, merely blessings in disguise.