Guys, Here’s Your Sweetie’s Christmas Stocking List

Let’s do some holiday shopping.

A few days ago I posted stocking stuffer ideas for a fella’s stocking, now here’s the list of 100 ideas for the girl’s stockings.

Click on the image below and it will open in another window where you can either print the list and take with you to the store, or if you’re unsure what the item is, you can click on any underlined item and the link will take you to a website where that particular item can be purchased (if you’d like).  I am not endorsing any of the merchants by linking to their website, I just wanted to make it easier to shop for your sweetie.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Guy

Only 67 Days Till Christmas Ladies

Now is about the time I start thinking about Christmas shopping and since my life is filled with males (my dad, 3 sons, 2 grandsons, brothers, nephews, etc.), not only am I racking my brain trying to figure out what gifts to get them, each year I have to be creative about what goes in their stockings too.

Shopping for stocking stuffers gives us an opportunity to find unique, fun, and small goodies that add an extra special touch to our loved ones’ Christmas morning joy.  I love watching the look on their faces when they explore what Santa brought for them each year.

I try to find at least one item in each of the following category’s for each person’s stocking:
    1. Food, Drink, or Snack (candy, fruit, flavored coffee)
    2. Personalized item (monogrammed key ring)
    3. Something they wouldn’t buy for themselves
    4. Article of clothing (scarf or beanie)
    5. Fun gag-gift
    6. Something for their vehicle
    7. A personal item (nail clippers, etc.)
    8. Something they would find very useful (extra mobile phone charger, etc.)
    9. A personal something from me

I hope some of the ideas below make your shopping trip for stocking stuffers a little easier this year.  If you want to add a little more excitement on Christmas morning, just for giggles why don’t you wrap a few of the stuffers.

“Stuff” For Guys

Here are 100 ideas to help you kick start and tackle your Christmas lists this year.

Christmas is over…now what?


…is that day which is notoriously known for RETURNS so I ask, what gift(s) will you be returning this year?  Do you return gifts on the 26th or wait until a later time?  Why do you return gifts?  Incorrect size, color, or the item is just plain hideous? What is the worst gift you have ever received?  Do you have a tradition with gift-giving?  What did you really want this year that you did not receive?  Will you be purchasing it for yourself? Please share it with us.


Have you ever re-gifted before?  If so, what was it?  Have you ever been busted with a re-gift?

Does anyone get those dreaded Holiday Fruit Cakes?  Do you ACTUALLY consume them or use them for a doorstop?  Have you ever found a fruit cake that is pleasing to the taste buds?

When do you normally take down the Christmas decorations?  Is the un-decorating a family event or do you find that everyone is busy on the day you planned the deed?

I would love to hear your Christmas stories.  Please share with us in the comments below.