The Love Affair is Ova!

You may remember when I wrote of a love affair (read it here) that started more than ten years ago.  Well that special love has somewhat subsided.  Let me tell ya a story.

It all started…

…a few nights ago when The Boy came in from work, was obviously thirsty, headed to the fridge, opened the door, looked at his options, grabs something, closes door and proceeds to lean against the fridge while chatting with other house occupants.

Approximately 20 seconds later we hear beep…beep and realize he’s leaned against the DeadFridgedoor panel controls and now the indicator lights are off…nada…nothing…dead.  The fridge is no longer working, not cooling, not making ice and definitely not providing water via the dispenser.

A Determined Guy

After spending an hour flipping breakers, unplugging and plugging in the appliance, pushing countless combinations of buttons to see if we could get it to reset (the online GE manual offers NO help in resetting the appliance); The Boy managed to get the compressor to kick back on…meaning it was once again cooling…question was for how long?  Although none of the functions on the front end were working, the interior lights still off and still…no water or ice cubes, it was cooling and I was well, as happy as I could be considering the situation.

GE Customer Service (rolling eyes) what a joke!

This event took place on Sunday night.  I did not even bother trying to call GE’s customer service as it was nearing 11:00 pm and I knew they wouldn’t be open and would wait until morning to call.

So, I get a text message from a very apologetic son (who is at school) at 7:56 am on Monday morning  reminding me the service lines open in 4-minutes; I assured him the call would be made in short order.  Eight minutes later on Monday morning I placed the call and explained to the person on the other end the events of the prior evening.  She assured me since my purchase was less than a year ago they would have it back up and working for me.  After giving all my information, the particulars of where and when the appliance was purchased (why do we fill out and send warranty cards that has all this info on it, if they are only going to ask us again for it when we need service???  It’s baffling!)  Anyway, after giving the info the customer service rep says she can have someone out here….GET THIS….on the 30th of May.  HUH???  That’s ten days from now…SERIOUSLY???  I explained to her that I was calling about a fridge, you know…the big box that holds food which needs to stay cold and not a coffee maker, microwave, or dishwasher that someone could live without for a few weeks, if necessary.  This is a FRIDGE, stocked with food…and who knows what it is liable to do in the next couple of hours much less ten days.

She explained to me they do not have “same day service” on their appliance repairs.  I replied that I was okay with that, but to wait ten days was ludicrous and asked to speak with a supervisor.  The rep said she could squeeze me in on the 28th…again I refused to accept such a long wait period and repeated my request to speak with a supervisor.

After being on hold for 40-minutes (I guess they were hoping I would hang up and accept the 10-day wait period), finally a “supervisor” came on the line, identified herself and stated she understood I was unhappy with the time frame of service quoted to me earlier.  DANG right I was unhappy!  I explained to her that I paid quite a sum for the hunk of metal, it is less than a year old, and I refused to accept that it would take them a week and a half to mosey over and fix my fridge.  I was getting a bit hot under the collar at this point and asked the supervisor if there were that many broken GE appliances in my area that warranted such a long wait period?  Her reply, ma’am we do not have same day repair service…yadda yadda yadda.  I restated already being informed of the “no same day service” policy that GE has in place and that I was not asking for same day, however I refuse to be satisfied with the 8 to 10 days wait.

I guess she was tired of hearing me rant and finally said they could have someone out tomorrow between 1 and 5pm.  I replied, “fantastic…book it, thank you…see them tomorrow,” and hung up.

Tuesday, May 21st

Bill, the repair tech shows up and I gave him a little history of the events that caused the outage; again I was assured he’d get it up and running again.  He plugged his laptop into the top of the fridge (didn’t know there was a plug up there) and a few moments later he started making questioning noises of confusion.  After a minute or two he turned to me and said he’s never seen anything like it….no reading of anything, nothing and that the lack of readings would indicate the entire unit should be dead (but it isn’t…remember The Boy pushed buttons and kick started the compressor).  Bill was baffled, wasn’t sure what was going on and decided to order a new motherboard and front display unit and that he’d return on Thursday to replace both.  In less than 15-minutes he was gone.

Thursday, May 23rd

ItsAlive-The FridgeEarly in the morning I receive a call from my sister who told me to look at the fridge.  I saw lights working on the display that has been out for the better part of four days.  I pressed the water and ice buttons….yep…dispensing and the interior lights are back on. (Imagine that?)

I decided to keep the replacement appointment just cause the thing was really being strange.  Bill arrives a little later that day and I fill him in on today’s miraculous awakening of the chill box.  He was just as surprised as we were but stated that it is clearly malfunctioning and would prefer to replace the motherboard just to be on the safe side, I agreed.  Fifteen minutes later, he had the replacement part installed, ran diagnostics and conveyed everything was in perfect working order, thanked me for the business and was gone. (Ahhh a knight in shining armor.)

Okay, maybe the love affair isn’t ova….but I sure dislike GE’s policies and their customer service department.  Just cause I was pissed and on hold for so long waiting to talk to the supervisor, I searched the internet for unhappy GE customers.  Man oh man what I found sure makes me wish I researched the appliance department before purchasing the fridge.  I’ve concluded that either their products are truly crapola or their repair tech’s have not a clue about what they’re doing (no Bill though).

Bill, well let’s just say I’m totally into him….he made my week! 🙂

Sometimes public figures should think before opening their mouths.

It Peeves Me

First I must say I am no way involved in politics or have any wish to be; however I have decided since I have a blog I’ll write about something that get’s “all up in my crawl” (as my southern girlfriends would say.)

Of late I have read (and heard) multiple times where people (mostly public figures) say something that has caused public uproar.  Then to save face, they try to backtrack (clarify what they really said) and state we (the public) misunderstood the point they were trying to get across.  That we (the public) are the ones who took what they stated entirely wrong.  That what they meant to say was actually the OPPOSITE of what they…ahem….SAID!

A Piece of Advice

If you say what you feel or believe…have some character and STAND BY it. Back it up, don’t waiver, crack, or change your story to appease the populous. If you know you’ll be speaking on a hot point topic, complete your due-diligence, get your facts right, decide where you stand on the topic and why, and most importantly…make your stand and not act like a wimpish human when your position is challenged.

I am tired of hearing people (mostly politicians, or someone running for a public office…yeah, mostly politicians) make a comment, then because it isn’t popular they retract their statement.  Really?  I understand clarification is sometimes necessary; however clarification is that… clarification and not a total turn-about.

If you are running for an office, elected position or speak publicly, you should be old enough to know you cannot please all of the people all of the time.  If you run on a particular platform for your campaign….STICK TO IT if you should be elected or appointed for a specific office, do no say one thing to get elected, then change your direction when you gain office.

Lastly, if you are going to open your mouth to speak, make sure you are educated on the topic and not just “puke” a bunch of crapola off the top of your brain (if you actually possess said organ.)

Perfect Example of Vomit Mouth/Brain


Perfect example would be Rush Limbaugh….not that he retracted his comment regarding his “prostitute” statement last year (that I am aware), but he said something that was foolish, unwarranted, and clearly showed he was misguided in his “good judgement.” You can read the article on CNN’s website here.   Rush fully demonstrated that he was uneducated on the topic, or is just plain ignorant in good judgement before speaking on it.  Don’t get me wrong, I have listened to Rush for years, I agreed with him on a lot of things and disagreed on others.  Unfortunately because of his free for all vomiting of the mouth, Rush has fallen from his pedestal and cannot get up.

Another example of crapola for brains would be when Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) suggested that rape needed to be classified as “legitimate rape” and that women who are raped can’t get pregnant.”  WHAT?!

What has America come to?  Why do we shrug off the ridiculous comments and let people stay in office or the lime-lite?  We need to take America back and hold elected officials and public figure accountable for their statements and their actions.

(Thanks for letting me vent ya’ll.)

Serious Stuff Department Meeting, No…Seriously!

Last night my sister “B”, who works in a warehouse, was telling me about a quick meeting they had yesterday at work.


Apparently, some of the info was just general need to know stuff, then toward the end of the meeting the head manager offered a $50 reward if anyone knew….GET THIS….who was wiping boogers on the men’s restroom wall. (Gross, but I promise, true events.)

After the meeting “B” went to the manager and announced she completed extensive investigative work on the “booger” case and would like to claim the reward because she knew who the culprit was.

The Culprit

She very quickly gained the attention of the all too serious manager who was sitting behind his desk; and as he leaned forward, he quickly asked  “WHO”?  To which, “B” leaned forward and said The Booger Man.”

“B” may not have received the offered reward, but she did gain kudos from her peers because she managed to break the “all business at all times” boss man and made him laugh.

My Disgust

I have to say I was a little disgusted as she was relaying the day’s events to me and was thinking to myself, this cannot be true.  First, who in their right mind would offer such a reward; and secondly, who could be so gross to actually wipe “it” on a wall.  For pete-sake use a tissue!  Then with a straight face, “B” tells me the punchline and I busted a gut laughing.

Lessons learned:

1) Ladies here is the proof…men’s public restrooms are nasty, DON’T go in THERE!

2) Guys, don’t wipe boogers on walls, you WILL be called out.

3) Even in a funny, yet a somewhat serious matter (to some), there is a punchline, our job is to find it in each situation.

I hope your day is booger free and full of laughter.

Until next time…

Your Email Could Be In Jeopardy

Yahoo Breach Extends Beyond Yahoo to Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Users


SAN FRANCISCO — Another month, another major security breach.

Yahoo confirmed Thursday that about 400,000 user names and passwords to Yahoo and other companies were stolen on Wednesday.

A group of hackers, known as the D33D Company, posted online the user names and passwords for what appeared to be 453,492 accounts belonging to Yahoo, and also Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Comcast, MSN, SBC Global, Verizon, BellSouth and users.

The hackers wrote a brief footnote to the data dump, which has since been taken offline: “We hope that the parties responsible for managing the security of this subdomain will take this as a wake-up call, and not as a threat.”

The breach comes just one month after millions of user passwords forLinkedIn, the online social network for professionals, were exposed by hackers who breached its systems. The breaches highlight the ease with which hackers are able to infiltrate systems, even at some of the most widely used and sophisticated technology companies.

Marcus Carey, a researcher at Rapid7, a security company found that among the data were some 106,000 Gmail e-mail addresses, 55,000 Hotmail e-mail addresses and 25,000 AOL e-mail addresses. Those e-mail accounts were not hacked; instead people had used their e-mail address as user names for a Yahoo service.

Sucuri, a company that checks for malware, set up a Web site,, that lets concerned users check if their account details were compromised in the breach.

Dana Lengkeek, a spokeswoman for Yahoo, said the compromised accounts belonged to Yahoo’s Contributor Network, and that fewer than 5 percent of the passwords posted were still valid.

Chris Gaither, a spokesman for Google, said Google immediately reset passwords for vulnerable Gmail accounts.

The hackers claimed to have stolen the passwords using a hacking technique called an SQL injection, which exploits a software vulnerability.

“We are fixing the vulnerability that led to the disclosure of this data, changing the passwords of the affected Yahoo users and notifying companies whose user accounts may have been compromised,” Ms. Lengkeek said in the statement.

Mr. Carey said it was unclear whether Yahoo’s breach had been contained and noted that hackers could still be inside its systems.

Computer security experts recommended that Yahoo users consider changing their passwords to other sites, as hackers tend to test those passwords across multiple sites.

They were quick to chastise Yahoo for allowing hackers such an easy way into its systems. “Why haven’t organizations like Yahoo got it yet? SQL injection is a known attack,” said Mark Bower, a vice president at Voltage Security. “If what is stated is true, it’s utter negligence to store passwords in the clear.”


New York Times (online)

Its been almost five weeks!

Yep, almost five weeks ago I sat for a college challenge exam and yesterday I got the news.  But before I fill ya in on the yea or nay, let me take you on a little journey.  Picture it….Sicily 2012, oh wait….that would be Sophia from the Golden Girls.


I felt confident it was going to be an easy test as it was based on the Microsoft Suite of products that I have used for the last two decades.  Two hours to complete 100 multiple-choice questions (1.2 minutes per question), simple huh?  Yeah! Not quite.  (Side note: I do not mind taking exams, it is when there is a time limit attached to it that makes my palms sweat.  Oh well, on with the story.)

So…knowing I had a very short 120-minutes to complete the test, I made sure everyone in the house was well aware that “I WAS TAKING A TEST” and was not to be interrupted.  Dogs fed…check.  People fed…check.  TV off and no distractions…check and check!  Time to get serious.  I settled into my chair with the three study guides that I reviewed for months.  They were cracked open and poised to yield information in case I needed to quickly verify anything that I thought I knew.  I started the exam and everything was progressing nicely, and with a quick glance at the clock I had enough time to continue on the relaxed pace I was strangely enjoying.  I read a question and clicked the answer…read a question and clicked the answer (you get the picture.)

60 Down, 60 To Go

Hitting the half-way mark, I read a question, read it again, and again. I thought about the question, looked in the book to see what I could find on the subject, nothing. Thinking I was stressed knowing time was ticking, perhaps I read the question wrong.  Nope, I was reading it correctly; the problem was, the question was incomplete and I NEEDED more information in order to answer the dang question!  I probably would not have been so wigged out if it was a yes or no question and I had at least a 50% chance of picking the correct answer.  Nooo…this particular question had four choices.  WONDERFUL!!!  NOT!  As frustration crept over my body, I frantically flipped though the guides again for some morsel of information and hoping something would jump out at me.  It was not to be; I accepted defeat and checked a box.  Some guess is better than no guess, or so I figured.

I am steadily moving along reading questions and checking boxes, I made up some time from the snafu question and was certain all was good. I’m in the home stretch with roughly 40 minutes on the clock and then WHAM…I read a question and read it again, and once more. NOT AGAIN!!!! An ambiguous questions on the exam. This question was yes or no, but that was of not help. Why? Well in short, the question went something like this.  Can a Windows’ window (software manufacturer/component of the software, respectively) be repositioned on  the screen?  Well, yes and no! “Yes” if the window is in “restore down” mode and “No” if it is in maximized mode!  HOWEVER, the dang question did not give the state of the window.  I checked yes and proceeded on.

Looked at the clock, 8-minutes and 7 questions back to work. HOLY CRAP!!!  NOT AGAIN!!!  REALLY???, another incomplete question.  I did not have time to consider this question or even try to look for an answer that I would never find so I marked a box and put it behind me.

When the test was completed, I sent an email to the online exam portal department as well as my dean, informing them of the questionable “questions”.  No response from them for four days so another email was sent, addressing the same problems, and inquiring about my grade.  The next day I logged on to the student portal and saw I failed the exam, missed passing by one freaking question.

WELL…that just got my blood boiling.  I started shooting off emails, trying to get someone to review my exam to see if any of the “incomplete” questions were answered incorrectly.  Emails continued back and forth, nothing informative or new was coming from the college.  Last Friday (4/27/12), at 4:30 I received an email that basically said that all of the exams are carefully reviewed for accuracy and that it is not their policy to review student exams for correctness of answers after it was graded and I could not retake the exam without paying another $100 fee. To say the least, this last correspondence from the ACP (Academic Credit Portal) department, which was the 16th email between us really P*SS*D ME OFF!!!

I promptly composed email #17 to the ACP department and my opening sentence was “Unfortunately your response to my correspondence is unsatisfactory and unacceptable.”  I went on to say NOW this correspondence, along with the prior 16 emails would be forwarded to the Academic President’s office and someone with authority had fifteen calendar days to contact me personally to discuss this matter.  Blah, blah, blah…“…in addition, if no contact was made within 15-days, I would have no other option than to inform the organizations that the college receives their accreditation; informing them of the matter, that it takes 30-days to receive a response and when received, it pretty much stated we could really care less about your issue and we’re not putting forth any additional effort in this matter.

Wadda ya know…less than one full business day later I received an email from the ACP department stating an Advisor reviewed my exam and confirmed that at least one of the “confusing” (nice choice of words on their part) questions was answered incorrectly.  So in the end, they gave me additional credits, and I passed the exam!  YAY!

Boy what a crazy ride; one that I am happy to be off.