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If you have (or had) a four-legged family member, you should read this.

Beatrice, the pick of the 2010 Rizer Goldens litter was generously given to us as a wedding gift. It was a very happy time for us and her addition to our family added to that joy tremendously.  Beatrice was a very special gift because she was so much more than just a dog.  She was full of light and happiness that you could truly see when she pranced into a room.  Bea’s heart and her funny quirks inspired me to write this blog.  I called her my Sweet-Bea.

When we first got Bea, the intention was to show her.  Her lineage was quite impressive and her potential as a show dog was thought to be endless.  Unfortunately for Bea’s career, her heart melted ours and the thought of her being on the road at shows, away from us, was too much to bear.  Beatrice was our little lap dog and her place…

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Beauty, Love, Life, Tolerance

This link –> Beauty, Love, Life, Tolerance will take you to a great post; which happened to be authored by my cousin.


Birthdays!.  I just had to share.  This is how I also remember my birthdays, except we also played the Hokey Pokey.  Ahhh…those WERE the days!!

Thanks cuz for jogging such wonderful memories!

When Microsoft Threatened to Sue Us Over the Letter “E”

You have to read Mr. Blank’s “Response Letter to Bill Gates” (see the link below),  it’s rather amusing (no…it’s downright hilarious).

Thanks for a Monday morning chuckle Mr. Blank.

When Microsoft Threatened to Sue Us Over the Letter “E”.

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Another blogger’s “Life’s Adventures.” I hope you enjoy sharing in their adventure as much as I did. Thank you Paprika and Oregano.

Good Humored

One of the allures of traveling is the chance to break out of the grind of daily life. Without the familiarity of surroundings or language, even the most mundane tasks become exotic and adventurous.

Several years ago Oregano and I wanted to visit friends who live in northern Italy, but the airfare to Italy was prohibitively expensive. After much investigating, we discovered that it was half the price to fly into Zurich then drive over the Alps into Italy. We’d never been to Switzerland so we decided to seize the opportunity, rent a car and explore the country en route to visit our friends. The more planning we did, the more excited we got about the idea of beautiful Alpine villages and cheese. The fact that we didn’t speak any of the four languages spoken in Switzerland was mildly disconcerting, but we’d find a way to manage with the remnants…

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