Serious Stuff Department Meeting, No…Seriously!

Last night my sister “B”, who works in a warehouse, was telling me about a quick meeting they had yesterday at work.


Apparently, some of the info was just general need to know stuff, then toward the end of the meeting the head manager offered a $50 reward if anyone knew….GET THIS….who was wiping boogers on the men’s restroom wall. (Gross, but I promise, true events.)

After the meeting “B” went to the manager and announced she completed extensive investigative work on the “booger” case and would like to claim the reward because she knew who the culprit was.

The Culprit

She very quickly gained the attention of the all too serious manager who was sitting behind his desk; and as he leaned forward, he quickly asked  “WHO”?  To which, “B” leaned forward and said The Booger Man.”

“B” may not have received the offered reward, but she did gain kudos from her peers because she managed to break the “all business at all times” boss man and made him laugh.

My Disgust

I have to say I was a little disgusted as she was relaying the day’s events to me and was thinking to myself, this cannot be true.  First, who in their right mind would offer such a reward; and secondly, who could be so gross to actually wipe “it” on a wall.  For pete-sake use a tissue!  Then with a straight face, “B” tells me the punchline and I busted a gut laughing.

Lessons learned:

1) Ladies here is the proof…men’s public restrooms are nasty, DON’T go in THERE!

2) Guys, don’t wipe boogers on walls, you WILL be called out.

3) Even in a funny, yet a somewhat serious matter (to some), there is a punchline, our job is to find it in each situation.

I hope your day is booger free and full of laughter.

Until next time…

The moral of the story is what really matters.


Re-posted from Facebook.

A young man had a girlfriend and he was getting tired of her because she sent him messages every hour that said “I miss you” or “I love you”.

One night before bed he received a message, but rather than read it went to sleep. In the morning he was awakened by a call. It was girlfriend’s mother crying saying that his girlfriend was killed last night. He was in a state of shock, went to read the message: “My sweetheart, come quickly, I think someone is following me!”.

Moral of the story: never reject those who love, care, and try to reach out to you, because one day you’ll realize you lost the moon while counting the stars!

Don’t take for granted who you have in your life today; you may wake tomorrow only to find they are gone….forever.

Guys, Here’s Your Sweetie’s Christmas Stocking List

Let’s do some holiday shopping.

A few days ago I posted stocking stuffer ideas for a fella’s stocking, now here’s the list of 100 ideas for the girl’s stockings.

Click on the image below and it will open in another window where you can either print the list and take with you to the store, or if you’re unsure what the item is, you can click on any underlined item and the link will take you to a website where that particular item can be purchased (if you’d like).  I am not endorsing any of the merchants by linking to their website, I just wanted to make it easier to shop for your sweetie.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Guy

Only 67 Days Till Christmas Ladies

Now is about the time I start thinking about Christmas shopping and since my life is filled with males (my dad, 3 sons, 2 grandsons, brothers, nephews, etc.), not only am I racking my brain trying to figure out what gifts to get them, each year I have to be creative about what goes in their stockings too.

Shopping for stocking stuffers gives us an opportunity to find unique, fun, and small goodies that add an extra special touch to our loved ones’ Christmas morning joy.  I love watching the look on their faces when they explore what Santa brought for them each year.

I try to find at least one item in each of the following category’s for each person’s stocking:
    1. Food, Drink, or Snack (candy, fruit, flavored coffee)
    2. Personalized item (monogrammed key ring)
    3. Something they wouldn’t buy for themselves
    4. Article of clothing (scarf or beanie)
    5. Fun gag-gift
    6. Something for their vehicle
    7. A personal item (nail clippers, etc.)
    8. Something they would find very useful (extra mobile phone charger, etc.)
    9. A personal something from me

I hope some of the ideas below make your shopping trip for stocking stuffers a little easier this year.  If you want to add a little more excitement on Christmas morning, just for giggles why don’t you wrap a few of the stuffers.

“Stuff” For Guys

Here are 100 ideas to help you kick start and tackle your Christmas lists this year.

You Look So Good In Love!

A Lifetime…Searching

We spend our lives longing for and searching for it.  We talk about it, what it means to us, and at some point in our lives, we have all hoped that the purest and truest sense of it…finds us.  For some, it consumes their every moment and others confuse it with lust.  What is it?  It has been call one of nature’s greatest gifts.  It’s LOVE.

What is love? Can it be measured equally among mankind, or can it be measured at all?  Is it unconditional?  Love means different things to different people and I believe that two people who are in love, will share somewhat the same views of love and what it means between them, in their relationship.

The Magic, The Warmth, The Security

Love is the magnificent work of nature that guides a blind heart.  Love is patient, love protects and does not judge.  Love is romantic, it bonds, is intimate, and connects.  Love is thrilling, fascinating, and complex.  Love is committed, comforting, warm, and secure.  No matter how you feel it, love is real, love is true.  Love can make a woman feel sexy and a man more masculine.  Some believe love is something that sweeps us off our feet, knocks our socks off, or bells and whistles will sound in our head when we are in the depths of it.  Love can join lovers or bound best friends; it is never the same in different relationships.  Why is it called “falling in love” when we experience a feeling of utopia and are on Cloud 9?

Some have bought companionship, attention, loyalty, or compassion; but love itself cannot be bought.  But what is love, and how do we know when we are in “it“?   People have commented to others “Love looks good on you“, and there are song lyrics which sing “You Look So Good In Love.”  We’ve also heard that the less love you have in your life, the more room you have for depression to settle in. Love=Happiness.

So, what is love?  It’s the smile that is plastered across your face when your someone special walks in the room.  It’s sweaty palms and pounding heart.  It’s the stars in their eyes when they look at you!

That’s what love is! Are you in it?