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Wham…outta the blue

I was sitting at dinner chatting and something someone said made me think of a crazy fun song from the 1980s.  It was a H U G E hit with my small kids at the time and I just had … Continue reading

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Funny Euphemisms for Our Beloved Tush…Backside…Derriere

Who? What? Huh?  Not “The Who”, but rather “The Blue Man Group”! Sitting here relaxing on a Friday evening catching up on watching my recorded shows from the week, the show on now is “ellen” and her musical guest is … Continue reading

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19 Things You Won’t Hear A Woman Say

Honey you don’t need to stop; I’m sure you’ll figure out how to get us there. Here, pull my finger. Can we spend the day in watching golf? You can have lunch and dinner at Hooters today. No it wasn’t … Continue reading

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This is so hilarious, I couldn’t pass up sharing it with my readers. If you have slow-poke teenagers, this is a parent’s PERFECT weapon!!!!

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Bikini Car Wash Prank!

Bikini Car Wash Prank!.  This is hilarious.  Worth the 2-minutes.

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