Things I Like About The Autumn Season


A Day In A Song

Have you ever had a day that can be perfectly expressed by a song?  I had one of those songs today, and here’s my day sung by Ms. Alison Krauss.

Almost 47 and still learning…

…that it is okay to put myself first, sometimes.

For being 16 years old…”the Boy” is quite insightful at times.  He’s reminded me of some of the things I’ve taught him and his brothers over the years.  Two recent lessons which have gone full circle are:

(1) “If they really wanted to be part of your life, they would make time for you to be in their life“; and

(2) –>


I believe I have a pretty smart kid; but then again, I may just be a bit bias.

With a new year approaching, it offers a new canvas for me to paint the picture I want to see.

Thanks kiddo…I am ready to make changes, take chances, and step ahead in the new year and leave the past where it belongs…in the past.