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Seasons In Life

As we grow older and hopefully wiser, we realize that over the course of our lives a diverse group of people have come and gone.  Some staying briefly, others for a season and on that rare occasion we’ve met someone who has stuck with us for a … Continue reading

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25 Days of Christmas: Day 25 ~ Christmas Around the World, Part V

Christmas in the Middle East Although much of the Middle East is devoted to Islam – or, in Israel, to Judaism – every year thousands of Christians from around the world make pilgrimages to the Holy Land, especially Bethlehem. They … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2014

There is so much trouble in the world today; across the sea with other countries and across our nation with our neighbors.  I have many feelings and comments I could express regarding Vladimir Putin, the craziness going on with the Michael … Continue reading

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Birthdays parted by 3-years & 2-days

It is the same every year; separated by 2-days.  The birthdays of my first and second children.  September 29 As luck would have it I started having contractions during my first son’s third birthday party while I was sitting crossed legged … Continue reading

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Hello Autumn

Autumn is a season filled with change, days become shorter and although it is often warm and sunny during the daylight hours, evenings can get a bit chilly.  Corn is one of the major crops you will see swaying in … Continue reading

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