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My Sentiments Exactly!

I have been mulling over how I would sum up the U.S. Presidential election in my blog when I came across this video of precious Abby who perfectly echoed my sentiments of late.  I already know who my candidate is … Continue reading

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It’s official…

…vacation is over, and so seems to be the full nights of sleep! After working 60+ hours the week prior to vacation week, I rose this morning at 5:00 am and was in the office by 7.  Worked 11.5 hours, … Continue reading

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Every adult has experienced it!

Time (or lack there of)!  Surely at one time or another every adult has uttered those words“there are not enough hours in the day.” How does this happen?  We all exist in the same universe; therefore we should all have the same 24-hours in … Continue reading

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The 70’s Disco Era Flashback

Ahh, the 1970’s, what an awesome era! The 70’s were a decade filled with platform shoes, earth shoes (I had a pair of them….very comfortable), bell-bottom pants, afros and braids, and music that sometimes told a compelling story and others, well…not … Continue reading

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