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25 Days of Christmas: Day 19 ~ A Century of American Christmases, Part III (1960-1980)

Christmas in the 1960s A pivotal decade, the 1960s were marked by the Civil Rights movement, the rise of the hippies, the Bay of Pigs, the Vietnam War, and the race to be the first nation to reach the moon. … Continue reading

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A thing called “MeTV”

MeTV =¬†Memorable¬†Entertainment As I spend countless hours tossing and turning in bed each night (Ms. Insomnia instead of Mr. Sandman has been my bed mate for quite a while now, however that is an entirely different post); many months ago … Continue reading

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The Progression of Childhood Aging

Not the beginning, but not far from it. I have other photos of an even¬†younger me, however my scanner crapped out and so here I am, only able to post with but a few of the photos I initially planned … Continue reading

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