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Another Novel Teaser

He has shocking news to tell her, something that rocked his world to its core but he can’t, not just yet. Advertisements

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A little tease from my novel.

He is not a religious man, but a praying one; and he’s praying M will be reasonable when she hears what he is about to tell her. Follow me on Twitter @mendykelley

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A Newbie Writer on Writing

One of the reasons I began blogging stemmed from discovering my love of writing while recently in college (2010-2013).  I really enjoyed the entire writing process and most of all the finished product.  Although some of my college writings were … Continue reading

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Fun with English (American & British)

The other night dad and I visited “The Pub” for dinner, which got me thinking about British English vs. American English (sans the different dialects.)  As a side note, it would really be awesome if all the servers at The Pub … Continue reading

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May 21st Observances

Take A Memo Please Today is National Memo Day; so grab a pen and paper, find a post-it note, or stand ready to take a memo in observance of this wacky holiday. I found many sources that reference today’s memo … Continue reading

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