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25 Days of Christmas: Day 18 ~ A Century of American Christmases, Part II (1930-1950)

Christmas in the 1930s The Thirties were a time of great hardship for many people, as the Great Depression took hold of the continent. By the end of the decade, as World War II began in Europe, social programs and … Continue reading

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25 Days of Christmas: Day 16 ~ Christmas on the Silver Screen

When you think of Christmas, you may think of the joy that’s brought each season by television, music, and the movies. The Grinch, George Bailey, Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, and a host of other figures who came to prominence after … Continue reading

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Speaking English and Using the Correct Word

Are Americans becoming lazier with each passing generation when it comes to understanding¬†the correct context of words and when they should (or should not) be used? Does the language from the “olden days” sound pretentious in today’s relaxed society (such … Continue reading

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Interesting Facts: Television Shows, Movies & Actors

MASH was the #1 most watched series finale in 1983 with its 105.9 million viewers. Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster’s real name was Sid. Jim Davis, who played patriarch Jock Ewing on the original Dallas died in his sleep on April … Continue reading

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TGW, well I didn’t see THAT coming!

Loyal Fan From Day One I am a huge, huge fan of the successful television drama “The Good Wife.” ¬†I’ll admit, I only started watching the series with its first episode because two of the lead characters Julianna Margulies (E.R.) … Continue reading

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