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Rant Alert: I’m cancelling, so NOW you want to offer me a discount?

Yesterday I decided to finally make the call I’ve meant to do for a few months. I cancelled my Thur-Sun paper delivery of the Cincinnati Enquirer as I felt paying nearly $20 a month for something I rarely made time … Continue reading

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Frustration & Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves and points of contention and/or frustrations in life. But the one that really get’s in my crawl is when someone talks you up….plants seeds in your head (and your dumb enough to believe them); then … Continue reading

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The Love Affair is Ova!

You may remember when I wrote of a love affair (read it here) that started more than ten years ago.  Well that special love has somewhat subsided.  Let me tell ya a story. It all started… …a few nights ago when … Continue reading

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Sometimes public figures should think before opening their mouths.

It Peeves Me First I must say I am no way involved in politics or have any wish to be; however I have decided since I have a blog I’ll write about something that get’s “all up in my crawl” … Continue reading

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McDonald’s…I’m NOT LOVIN’ IT!!!!

I had a very busy day today and being Saturday I decided to pick up a quick-lunch for “The Boy” and me at our local McDonald’s. While patiently waiting for oncoming traffic to pass so I could safely make the left hand … Continue reading

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