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Useless Trivia Facts

The Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts 3 naked men with their hands on each others shoulders. Fortune cookies were actually invented in America, not China! Of the 17,000+ words used by Shakespeare, more than 1,700 are recorded for the first time. During … Continue reading

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Speaking English and Using the Correct Word

Are Americans becoming lazier with each passing generation when it comes to understanding the correct context of words and when they should (or should not) be used? Does the language from the “olden days” sound pretentious in today’s relaxed society (such … Continue reading

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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (and don’t you know it)!

My friend and I planned a girls night out for this past Wednesday night (March 26th).  We decided to see the one-man comedy show at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” which is based on … Continue reading

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Have we lost our mind in naming our children?

Huh?? I just heard another wacky stupid out-there baby name which was donned on another poor child by their celebrity parent(s).  I could do nothing more than just hang my head and think…what are these people doing to their children?  Do … Continue reading

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Climbing The Proverbial Hill

Ahh…birthdays? For me, birthdays are a time of reflection. I usually think about what has been, what is, and that which is yet to come. One thing for sure, I no longer have to wonder about where I will be … Continue reading

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