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Seasons In Life

As we grow older and hopefully wiser, we realize that over the course of our lives a diverse group of people have come and gone.  Some staying briefly, others for a season and on that rare occasion we’ve met someone who has stuck with us for a … Continue reading

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A Mother and Her Sons

The Male Gender is Heavily Weighted In Our Family I was a baby boy making machine in my younger years and gave birth to three absolutely amazing sons. I am already a Nona to three grandchildren, two of whom are male … Continue reading

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The Boy and life as a cart-go-getter.

Well it is official, my youngest is employed and I feel old! A few weeks ago The Boy became gainfully employed at a local grocery store as a bag boy and cart-go-getter, and has his first month of paychecks under … Continue reading

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Saving our future generation and innocent victims.

The Research A year ago I wrote a research paper on adolescent drivers and the factors which distract them and lead to deadly accidents.  My research paper Drivers of the Adolescent Brain is eye-opening with horrific statistics. Just this last week alone … Continue reading

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This is so hilarious, I couldn’t pass up sharing it with my readers. If you have slow-poke teenagers, this is a parent’s PERFECT weapon!!!!

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