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Throwback Thursday: The Family, Circa 1980s

Family Togetherness WOW…no matter how we try to sugar coat it, some pictures from the past can be unflattering and sometimes haunting; just for the record I’m talking about myself in the picture below. What in the world, was I … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: Christmas 2003

It’s Christmas Time, It’s Family Time I can remember it, just like it was yesterday.  My eldest son (D.A.K.) was home on leave from the Army during the holidays.  He was stationed in Georgia and between training stints.  I believe he … Continue reading

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Birthday Surprise Weekend (Part 2) ~ The Phone Call

As we were sitting at the gate waiting to board our flight to Florida, with a plane change in Charlotte, NC, I received a call from my sister-in-law “J”.  Now we all know how loud and busy airports can be … Continue reading

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Birthday Surprise Weekend (Part 1) ~ CVG Airport Security

Oh yeah…we’ve known for many years that 2013 would mark our only surviving brother’s 50th birthday.  Although several of us tossed around ideas of what to do for a celebration, my sister-in-law sent a text saying that she’s throwing him … Continue reading

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Family Bonding Over Food

Nothing brings family together like food.  Last week my sister informed me there was going to be a food judging contest at her work and asked if I would help her come up with and prepare her entry and that … Continue reading

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