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What is Christmas

From Creation to Bethlehem by Ken Ham on November 27, 2013; last featured December 8, 2016 What is Christmas? This article shows the surprising connection between Christmas and the creation of the world. Note: This article is featured in this … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 6

I am thankful for my precious dad, he is such an honorable and hardworking man. I am blessed to be able to call him dad.

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The Next Generation of Adventurers

As I sit and contemplate my life thus far, the adventures I’ve experience with family, friends, and most importantly…my children, I am overwhelmed with the memories created and the excitement of those yet to come. The Boy’s Adventures As you … Continue reading

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25 Days of Christmas: Day 25 ~ Christmas Around the World, Part V

Christmas in the Middle East Although much of the Middle East is devoted to Islam – or, in Israel, to Judaism – every year thousands of Christians from around the world make pilgrimages to the Holy Land, especially Bethlehem. They … Continue reading

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25 Days of Christmas: Day 24 ~ Christmas Around the World, Part IV

Christmas in South America The celebration of Christmas in South America is similar to that in Central America because of the warm climate and the religious aspect of the holiday. As with most countries of Hispanic origin, children receive gifts … Continue reading

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