TBT: Christmas Time & My Soldier

It’s Christmas Time, It’s Family Time 2003

I can remember it, just like it was yesterday.  My eldest son (D.A.K.) was home on leave from the Army during the holidays.  He was stationed in Georgia and between training stints.  I believe he was going to be departing for Colorado a few days after this photo was taken.  We were able to enjoy the short visit, open presents, savor the flavors of the holidays with some of my special recipes and just soak up the love of family.

Proud Momma

Christmas 2003

L to R: The Boy, Momma, Pvt. Kelley

Time together was precious and we knew it. Tomorrow would come soon enough, so we made the most of each moment. I KNOW without a doubt my boy KNEW I loved him and how proud I was of him and his decision to serve his country. (I must have told him 100 times in the few days we were together.)

The evening of his arrival, we decided to go to an older part of town that was well known for their Christmas display and Kris Kringle. We had pictures taken in front of the old-time sleigh and with Mr. Kringle himself.  Everywhere we went people were stopping my son and conveying their thanks for his service to his country.

Joining the Military

You see, it was the event of 9-11 that had such an overwhelming effect on DAK. Shortly after the towers fell, he made the decision that he wanted to be part of movement to bring those who invaded our country, hijacked our planes, and killed our citizens to justice.  He did just that and hasn’t looked back.

He is no longer in the service and like many of his comrades, struggles with the effects from being exposed to several years in Iraq.  Like any good mother does, I say prayers for my children, daughters-in-love, and grandchildren daily.  I know my boy is a strong man and with time healing will find him.

Private Kelley and his very proud mom.

Private Kelley and his very proud mom.


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