19 Interesting Facts About Ireland


  1. The average Irish man is 5’8″ tall.
  2. Raymond O’Brien was the shortest person in Irish history. The dwarf, who died in 1795, was one foot eleven inches tall.
  3. One misconception about Ireland is that people stay up all night drinking at local pubs, while this is only half true. Most pubs in Ireland close at either midnight or 1 am. However if you make friends at the bar or pub, you may be invited home to continue drinking until the wee hours of the morning.
  4. So both sides of your family hail from Ireland? Well, don’t plan on bragging about being 100% Irish to any locals. This is because the Irish people consider themselves 100% Irish and if you’re traveling from the US, you’d be considered Irish-American. Don’t argue about it either, as you definitely won’t win. If you know which part of Ireland your family comes from, locals may be willing to discuss your heritage.
  5. Titanic, the Unsinkable ship, which sunk in its maiden voyage, was made in Ireland.
  6. Women could hold any office at Queen’s University in Belfast, twelve years before they could study at Oxford.
  7. The Celtic Trinity Knot symbolizes the “Trinity” and represents the three forms of God as a single being. God the father, his son Jesus Chris and the Holy Spirit.
  8. Baileys Irish Cream which was launched in Ireland in the early seventies, is now the most popular liqueur in the world.
  9. The Union Jack was flown for the very first time in Dublin on 1st January 1801 to herald the Union of Great Britain and Ireland.
  10. Ireland is called Éire in Irish and is also known as the Republic of Ireland.
  11. It would cost Ireland €15 million to implement a system of postcodes, and so it is currently the only EU country without one.
  12. The National symbol of Ireland is the Celtic harp, not the shamrock as most “non Irish” believe.
  13. Some tourists think that when they’re visiting new lands, they should try to adjust a bit to the local culture and speech patterns. However, trying to imitate the Irish accent is not advised. Locals hate it when foreigners attempt to speak like them, so please refrain from saying “erin go bragh” when you visit.
  14. Saint Patrick’s Day is Irelands official national holiday. The 17th of March holiday is celebrated in Ireland and also embraced by many other countries around the world.
  15. Irish marriages last an average of 13 years, although the majority do not end in divorce. Irish couples prefer to separate and live in sin with their new partners rather than go through costly legal proceedings.
  16. Tourists traveling to the Emerald Isle often find it amusing to ask the locals about leprechauns, as if these legendary little folk were real and commonplace. However, Irish citizens find it more tiresome than funny. So next time you’re traveling to Ireland, don’t crack any jokes about leprechauns, pots of gold or rainbows with the locals.
  17. The Claddagh Ring represents Friendship, Love and Marriage. The heart represents love and the hands are a symbolize friendship and the crown stands for loyalty.
  18. Ireland was one of the earliest countries to establish a system of hereditary surnames. Originally, the forms were limited to prefixes i.e. Mac (meaning ‘son of’) and ‘O’ (meaning descendant of.)
  19. Only 9% of the Irish population are natural redheads.


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One Response to 19 Interesting Facts About Ireland

  1. Faylinn says:

    I am first generation American on my Irish side and so I absolutely love learning everything about Ireland. My mom grew up in Dublin and so that is where my heritage is. However, I’ve heard a lot about the country, but it surprises me to learn that the majority of the people there are about 5’8” tall as nobody in my family is above 5’2”.

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