A Newbie Writer on Writing

One of the reasons I began blogging stemmed from discovering my love of writing while recently in college (2010-2013).  I really enjoyed the entire writing process and most of all the finished product.  Although some of my college writings were course topic related (i.e, photosynthesis of plants or famous mathematicians) while others were creative writing projects, which I enjoy the most!

8I have mentioned a time or two in this blog of my desire to pen a book and have been tooling around with “what kind of book” is in me and waiting to be written?  Should it be about something I like doing, have an interest in, instructional, or perhaps a fictional novel?  Hmm, so very many choices, so many paths to consider.

None the less, I have taken the first step and officially crossed the threshold of becoming an author (hopefully one who is published) and embarking on this exciting adventure called “writing.”  I have settled on the type of book I’ll attempt and already have a few chapters in a rough outline with several pages of the first chapter written.

The crazy part about this whole writing thing is that I’m doing it for me.  I don’t feel I have a fantastically sensational story to tell and the world would be so much better off after reading it.  I have an audience in mind and will write for them, which will be purely entertainment reading, however in the end…this is something on my bucket list and I’m going to give it everything I’ve got!

My kids are very encouraging and my youngest “The Boy,” even hopes this is such a successful adventure that I’ll be able to continue with it full-time and start a book series.  Whoa….I’m no J.K. Rowling (well, I could be and just don’t know it yet.)  Yeah, yeah, that right…I could be another successful and well-known author! (Said with a cheesy grin.)

So the decision has been made, pencil has been put to paper (ahem, finger tips to laptop keyboard) and the characters are coming alive with personality.  I’ve only just begun and I’m so excited!  So, wish me luck as I’m hoping the long winter months before us will aid in yielding a lot of imagination, creativity, and story lines with adventurous depth.

Here’s to writing!


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2 Responses to A Newbie Writer on Writing

  1. Good luck! ❤
    Diana xo

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