Birthdays parted by 3-years & 2-days

It is the same every year; separated by 2-days.  The birthdays of my first and second children.

 September 29

As luck would have it I started having contractions during my first son’s third birthday party while I was sitting crossed legged on the floor watching/helping “D.A.K.” open his gifts.  I was a tad embarrassed when it took three men to hoist me off the floor as I was not adequately able to fully see myself through the standing up process on my own.

We did not rush to do anything other than continue celebrating DAK’s special day as we finished enjoying time with our guests, eating hamburgers, hot dogs, cake, and ice cream.

DAK 3rd Birthday

Celebrating his 3rd birthday, DAK was excitedly opening gifts.

The contractions sporadically continued as we finished the party, said goodnight to our friends and turned in for the evening.  I was able to get a bit of rest off and on during the night and into the next day.  Late into the night of Sept. 30 and early morning Oct. 1 the contractions begin to be more consistent and timely.

October 1

Around mid-morning on Monday, 10/1/84 we decided to call the doctor’s office when we were instructed to take our time, but start getting things ready and head to the hospital.  It was mid-day when we left DAK with the sitter and explained the next time we saw him he’d be a big brother.

Upon arriving at the hospital all was pretty standard, except in New York at the time, unless you were having a Caesarean (C-section), you were given nothing, nada, zip to help with the pain and discomfort…REALLY?  Since this was my second pregnancy I already knew what to expect and worked my way through the pain.  I however, felt terrible for the first time mom who was down the hall from my room, yet sounded as though she was in the room with me; as she was not dealing well with the “no meds” rule very well at all.  It wasn’t until 1988 when “Patient-controlled epidurals, which allow women in labor to adjust the timing and frequency of their anesthesia with the push of a button, come on the scene.”  (Source:

Approximately 9:15 pm the nurses told me I was ready to deliver and would retrieve the doc from the doctor’s lounge.  As he entered the room the doctor said without batting an eye, that I was interrupting his Monday Night Football.  My response “too bad.”  Although he may have been joking…I certainly was not!

A few minutes later, at 9:29 pm, JMAK entered this world and expanded our family.


DAK and his new brother, 1 month old JMAK

So today I wish my two oldest boys a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  DAK turns 33 today and on Wednesday, October 1st, JMAK will be 30.  My how time flies and before we know it, we’re grandparents.

Happy Birthday boys.  Yo momma loves ya.

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