Eighteen Years Ago Today

Eighteen years ago today at 6:38 pm, a special bundle of joy entered my life.  Over the years he has brought me immense amounts of joy and laughter; has shared his thoughts, kisses, snuggle time, tears, scrapes, and heartache.  The Boy has grown into a respectful man and has made his “Madre,” as he now calls me, very proud as I reflect and think “yeah, I did a pretty amazing job raising this young one on my own.”

Looking at the pictures through the years his physical appearance has changed dramatically; yet his soul has remained compassionate and full of love.  He is a man of character, has a humanitarian heart, is humble, respectful, and honorable.

Son, your life is an open book, waiting for you to fill the pages with adventure, love, laughter, family, and friends. Dream big and never be afraid to follow your dreams; you’ll be wonderfully surprised where they can lead you.

The world is your oyster.  Happy Birthday son; I am honored to be your mom and I love you to the moon and back a billion times!

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5 Responses to Eighteen Years Ago Today

  1. macjam47 says:

    The years go by so quickly. I remember not being able to imagine my first born going to school. Then, when the time came for him to graduate from high school, it was “Wow! How did that happen already?”
    A happy and wonderful 18th birthday to your son. Congratulations to you on raising such a fine young man.

    • Mendy Kelley says:

      Thank you. His turning 18 was bitter sweet as he is my youngest of three sons who are all now adults. Now, on to find other stuff to fill my time. Thanks again for the well wishes for him.

      • macjam47 says:

        Mendy, It never gets easy. You will always be a mom. We too had three sons who now range from 42 to 30. I thought my time would be empty once the last one left, but my days are filled. Good luck to you.

  2. A very Happy 18th Birthday to your son!
    Diana xo

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