May 21st Observances

Take A Memo Please

downloadToday is National Memo Day; so grab a pen and paper, find a post-it note, or stand ready to take a memo in observance of this wacky holiday.

I found many sources that reference today’s memo day observance, however none identified where or how it started.

National Server’s Day

serversMay 21st is the day earmarked to recognize our dedicated waiters and waitresses (servers) as they depend on tips to make a living and are a valued contributing member to society.  If while dining out you receive great service, let it reflect in your tip as your tip should be commensurate with the quality of the service you received.

Should you dine out tonight, you could consider leaving a little something extra on the table for your server or perhaps a verbal recognition to the server and their employer.

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2 Responses to May 21st Observances

  1. Do people even send memos any more? I thought they’d been superseded by e-mail.

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