TBT: Summer 1980

Summer 1980

This was a great summer when I spent a week or so with my Ft. Myers family. Although we only lived a few hours away from each other, we rarely got to spend time together, so any time together was special.  This particular summer I remember taking a bus from Tampa to Ft. Myers.  Among many other activities, my cousin Betty and I spent our days hunting coconuts (yes, coconut trees grow in Ft. Myers, FL) and after a laborious effort, were able to drink the refreshing and tasty milk from the fruit.  To this day I can/will only eat fresh coconut meat and do not like the dried stuff…ewe!

I believe it was during this trip that my cousins Steve and Scott, along with some of their friends took me with them to see the newly released Star Wars.  I LOVED that movie…classic!

Me and my favorite cousin, Summer 1980

Summer 1980

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