Have we lost our mind in naming our children?


I just heard another wacky stupid out-there baby name which was donned on another poor child by their celebrity parent(s).  I could do nothing more than just hang my head and think…what are these people doing to their children?  Do they not realize the kid will be “stuck” with it until they are of legal age and can then and only then make a formal name change?

I get it!  I understand people want their kid to be unique and different and that difference sometimes starts with their name; but if the parent(s) would give it a few years, they’ll realize their child is different and they did not need the far-fetched name after all.

I’m sure some parents are trying to incorporate some of their favorite things in life into their child’s name, while others are playing on a what would go well with their surname/family name. (As I’m guessing would be the case for “North West.”)

What about names like:

  • Robert Roberts or Robertson, I actually worked with a guy named Robert Robertson.
  • Peter Peterson
  • William Williamson
  • Michael Michaels

I wonder if on the other hand some parents trying to outdo other parents in the naming of their children? “Hey, let’s see who can come up with the most outrageous, insensible, and idiotic name for our kid.  Betcha (so-and-so) would never think of naming their kid ______!”

Interest Piqued?

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about, I’ve added the (pronunciation in brackets), should you need a little help in figuring out how it sounds.  Imagine that…needing assistance in pronouncing a child’s name.  And, sometimes the name is so out there and spelling is so “off”, that a proper pronunciation cannot be found.

  • Aleph (ah-l eh f), proud parents: Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied
  • Ickhyd (pronunciation is unknown), proud parents: M.I.A. and Ben Brewer
  • Apple (daughter) and Moses (son), proud parents: Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin (I’m wondering if Gwen & Chris are religious.)
  • Coco, proud parents: Courteney Cox & David Arquette (Really??  Coco?)
  • Phinnaeus (pronunciation is unknown), Walter, and Hazel, proud parents: Julia Roberts & Danny Moder (What did poor Phinnaeus do to you?)
  • Audio Science, proud parents: Shannyn Sossaman & Dallas Clayton (Who are these people?  I wonder if they’re connect to the field of science in any way)
  • Daisy Boo and Poppy Honey, proud parents: Jools Norton & Jamie Oliver
  • Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo, proud parents: Heidi Klum & Seal (Guess you could expect that with a parent named “Seal.”)
  • Indiana August, proud parents: Summer Phoenix & Casey Affleck (I’m guessing it is a girl and she was born (or conceived) in Indiana in August?)
  • Alabama Gypsy Rose, proud parents: Drea de Matteo & Shooter Jennings
  • Pilot Inspektor, proud parents: Beth Riesgraf & Jason Lee (Did they really mean Inspector Gadget?)
  • Fifi-Trixbelle, Peaches, Little Trixie, and Honeyblossom, proud parents: Paula Yates & Bob Geldof (Well, at least it isn’t just one kid with the odd name in the family.)
  • Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, proud parents: Paula Yates & Michael Hutchence (Now we know who is behind the strange naming of the children with this mother.)
  • Lyric Sonny Roads (son), Poet Siena Rose (daughter) & Jagger Joseph Blue (daughter..yes, daughter), proud parents: Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster) & Jason Goldberg (No comment!)
  • North, proud parents: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Suggested Names Outside The Box Circle

In my stint of research, I  ran across some of the following names as “cool” outside of the box name suggestions for today’s kids first names.  Here are a few; no, really…these are legit and out there as suggestions.

Baby Names

Really, would someone seriously consider naming their child “Thorn?” Guess there’s no better way to let them know they’re a “thorn” in their parent’s side (well, at least until they’re eighteen, then the kid is on their own.)

How about Ember, Andromeda, Slate, or Hawk.  Really…REALLY???  Parents, before labeling your kid with a name that will make life much more difficult than it could/should be for them, please consider our society and how tough life is already…even for those who have somewhat common names.

Do you have an unusual name?  If so, please share with us if you like it or not and if you know the reason behind the name.

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