The Ice-Man Has Cometh (and Gone)

Winter Storm 2014: Northern Kentucky

The “Ice” storm has come, dumped its delivery and left the greater Cincinnati area. I do not know how much snow and ice we accumulated, all I know is when going outside yesterday to clean off my car, I was walking on top of the snow and ice (not sinking in), was greeted with half-inch of ice on the windshield and windows and to top it off my doors were sealed with a thick layer of ice, making it difficult to start the motor with the key.

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Braving the Elements

I truly enjoy the four season here in Northern Kentucky and it helps me to keep my disposition by working from home and not being “forced” to go out into the elements just to get to work.  Simply put…If I don’t wish to leave the house…I stay put and view the world from my window (sometimes while still in my PJ’s.)

Unfortunately for me staying inside was not an option during this seasonal event.  The inclement weather hit our area around 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 4th and it was coming down fast and steady. I made the decision earlier in the day that should the weather become too wild, I would pick my dad (he’s 73 and still works full-time) up from work as he was scheduled to work until 9 p.m.  The Boy and I left the house around 7:35 p.m. to embark on the drive to dad.  It only took us roughly 30-minutes to make the 15-minute drive.

NightThe drive was a slip-sliding event as very little had been done to prepare the roadway surfaces since many municipalities in the area are conserving the last bit of salt they have. Finally, we arrived to pick up dad and a few minutes earlier his department was just informed they could leave early due to the weather.

We trekked back home, taking paths that were not steep and most likely would be on the “to be plowed” list.  Almost home and knowing my driveway (which has an ever so slight incline) was a sheet of ice and that I would have no traction once tires met ice, if I didn’t hit the gas just as I was turning into the drive, my car would not make it out of the street.

WHEW….it worked! The vehicle was safely parked and I turned to look at dad and he was white as the snow that covered the ground! Guess it was the ice-slide the car took just before coming to a stop that spooked him a bit.  smileicon  I didn’t ask, but now wonder if his life flashed before his eyes? 

All-in-all, we were home safe and would go back out the next day to retrieve dad’s car; which by the way was barricaded in by the snow/ice that was plowed overnight and took me 20-minutes to dig it out and clean off.

Not the End of the World
So in the end, the “be all and end all” (as referred to by some) Winter Storm of 2014 was not as bad as some meteorologists predicted it would (see my blog about it here). Yes people were inconvenienced, grocery stores were bombarded and food flew off the shelves, salt for treating roads and sidewalks was nowhere to be found and there were auto accidents, people slipping on sidewalks, and broken shovels; but after it was all said and done…we can say “we survived!”

How was your week?

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One Response to The Ice-Man Has Cometh (and Gone)

  1. Glad you survived it. As for my week? I’m from Canada. ‘Nuff said, eh?
    Diana xo

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