Winter 2014 has been brutal and its not finished with us yet!

Brace yourselves, here it comes again…maybe?

imagesThe news and internet have been all abuzz this week because of what is being said about a weather system heading toward the Northern Kentucky area next week.  According to Kentucky Meteorologist Chris Bailey, who updates the Kentucky Weather Center’s website,, Kentuckians (and the surrounding “ians”) are in for a wild and hard weather ride next week. Some even saying we very likely could see a repeat of the “Bluegrass Ice Storm” which occurred in February 2003 and could bring up to 12-inches of snow in one day.  Below is a recap of the notorious 2003 storm.

For areas in southern Indiana and north central Kentucky, freezing rain began to occur late in the afternoon of the 15th as temperatures began to drop on what was already a dreary rainy day.  By late evening the freezing rain had changed to sleet, and varied between sleet and light freezing rain throughout most of the 16th as well.  Accumulations were that of mostly sleet with some freezing rain amounting at one to two inches in most locations.  For areas farther south in the Louisville CWA, the freezing rain prevailed throughout the 16th with little sleet, temperatures falling into the upper 20s, giving reports of an inch in ice accumulations along Interstate 64, from Frankfort to Winchester.

Most property damage for counties of southern Indiana and north central Kentucky was due to having to restore the power and clean up from the tree damage caused by the weight of the ice.  In Nelson County, for instance, about 2,200 residents wound up without power after the storm.  However, the hardest hit areas were in and around the cities of Frankfort and Lexington, where ice accumulations measured 1 ¼ inches on exposed streets, sidewalks, and branches. Here, an estimated 125,000 residents were without power for up to five days or more, trees were destroyed, branches cluttered the roads, and sections of Interstate 64 were periodically shut down during and after the storm.  A 78-year-old man in Lawrenceburg tragically lost his life after sustaining injuries from a falling, ice-covered, tree limb.  By the time the Bluegrass Ice Storm was over, 280,000 customers had their power knocked out, more than 3000 power poles were destroyed and nearly 800 transformers needed to be replaced.  The total cost to area utilities was about $47 million, with another $26 million used by local municipalities to clean up the damage.

(Found at – National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office @

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Taking a City Down

If you live in an area that does not have the joy (rolling eyes) of experiencing annual white winters and all the crap stuff that comes with it, be glad….be extremely giddy and grateful.

Snow and especially ice can quickly take a city to its knees. In the northern states, communities depend on weather alerts and advisories from the national weather service which help local authorities gauge the impending weather and determine how safe it is for its citizens to venture from home. Unfortunately for communities which are not accustomed to this type of weather, they cannot possibly be prepared enough to deal with such weather; as was witnessed on numerous news stations showing the effects of snow and ice on Atlanta, GA. Although the city did not receive massive amounts of snow, it along with the freezing rain and ice was enough to cause havoc and bring the city to a standstill.

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You’re Kidding…Right?

This week an Atlanta news station even reported “Atlanta weather: Thousands stranded after snow, ice storm; Gov. Nathan Deal blames weather service.”

I’m not sure why the Governor is blaming the weather service and should probably take a very close look in the mirror and those around him. I live in Northern Kentucky and even I heard and knew, via news and weather channels, that the Atlanta area was the target of an impending snow/ice storm.

Personally I believe that: 1) either the government and local authorities did not have enough experience to deal with this type of situation; or 2) the government and local authorities did not take the weather advisories seriously.  I tend to believe it was the latter, why?  Because if your area is issued a “winter” weather advisory as the greater Atlanta area was at approximately 3:30 am on a weekday…why would: 1) they still allow children to be transported to school; and 2) didn’t they recommend non-essential workers to stay home?

Well, now that I think about it…they may not have enough experience to adequately deal with winter weather phenomenon’s like they experienced this week; but still that is no reason to blame others.  Man up, don’t point fingers…state that you were ill prepared, realize that crap like this happens, make it a point to educate those in critical roles in emergency preparedness and move on…knowing you are ready for the next event like this, should it ever happen again.

Next Week For Many “ians”

Weather Forecast for Tues/Wed, Feb. 4 & 5, 2014

Weather Forecast for Tues/Wed, Feb. 4 & 5, 2014

If we do indeed experience what is being said is coming our way it looks like the Tri-State of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio is in for a good foot or more of snow accompanied with sleet and ice buildup.  This means the grocery stores will be jammed packed, the essentials like bread, milk, and water will be scarce, kids will miss more snow days which have to be made up and tacked onto the end of school, extending the school year, gas prices will jump by 10s of cents per gallon overnight, some may lose power which could last days, and lastly…there will be a bunch of cranky people everywhere you look.

I say “what can we do about it?” Nothing! So, instead of getting all worked up about “a day off,” why not make some cocoa, fire up Netflix, and spend some quality time with the fam!

See ya next week when I blog about the “great storm,” (if it happens.)

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2 Responses to Winter 2014 has been brutal and its not finished with us yet!

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  2. Mendy Kelley says:

    Just as I thought…here’s an updated article regarding Georgia’s Gov. stating they did not take the necessary precautions early enough to prevent the snarly traffic jams and gridlocks.

    Check out the Governor’s apology that was updated on the CNN website by Tom Watkins, CNN updated 2:02 PM EST, Thu January 30, 2014:

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