The Boy and His New Wagon

Good while it lasted

Blue Truck

Well, he drove it for roughly three months and now it has been more than four months since The Boy’s 1995 S10 finally went cuputz; leaving three active drivers with two functioning vehicles. Oh yes, the S10 has certainly seen better days, but nobody loved that bucket of bolts truck more than The Boy.  He had dreams of decking it out with a new “this” and a modified “that.”  He would spend a rare afternoon together with his older brother while looking at automobile parts books and discussing what would look way rad or awesome cool (not words they used but that is how my mind translated what I was hearing) on the truck to personalize it a little and make it his.

New Year, New Wagon

After several months of sharing my car with him and trying to figure out how we were going to acquire a dependable vehicle, I finally decided to just do it.  A few weeks ago we started perusing the internet looking at all types of cars, Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet, etc. researching their reliability and durability.  About ten days ago we actually ventured out to car dealerships and braved the bombardment of annoying salespeople.

At one dealership, I was not even out of my car before a salesman was shaking The Boy’s hand and asking him what brought us to the lot. (Duh, a need for a vehicle.  Here’s your sign.)

Several emotionally painful visits to various car lots, I was done…poke me with a fork DONE! Problem was, a car had not yet been identified or purchased. Knowing I was growing tired of searching, The Boy’s older brother “J” offered to go with him to see what else was out there. I was ever so grateful it was a week day and I had to work.

Low and behold, about 90 minutes after their departure, they pull up in the driveway with a test car. I stepped outside and looked it over.  “J” said he checked it out and it seemed to be in good shape and mechanically sound. I asked The Boy if he was comfortable with the vehicle and would he be happy with it ; I was assured he was and would.  I called the dealership and made an appointment to go in the next day and sign the papers.

It’s A Deal

The next evening arrived and The Boy was chomping at the bit to pick up his car.  We arrived and were quickly greeted by the “new” used car sales guy who helped the brothers the day earlier.  Used car sales guy asked me to go with him to fill out documents and sign some papers.  No problem.  After signing several forms/documents that were not carbon, I confirmed that I would be getting a copy of everything I signed.  New used car sales guy replied “I’m not sure if we can do that.”  MOM’s response “you can and you will or we’re gonna have a problem.”  New used car sales guy checked, they could…they did…no problem.

An hour after driving onto the lot in one car, we are pulling out in two. The Boy was beaming from ear to ear and made the comment at dinner a short time later that “all was just right in his world.”

So, how does “The Boy and His New Wagon” come into play? The new (used) vehicle is a Subaru Impreza Wagon. He’s good with that and after looking online, there are many cool mod kits (kid lingo) out there that will jazz (mom lingo) it up and make it really cool!

2002 Subaru Impreza Wagon

2002 Subaru Impreza Wagon

I am impartial to what it looks like, how many doors it has or its color. I just want it to be mechanically sound, and starts when the key is turned. I am happy to have my car sitting in the driveway when I want it and not having to schedule my time with it.

In the end The Boy is uber happy with his new wagon and his friends like it too, probably because they’re not crammed in a little pickup truck; and mom is ecstatic to have her wheels back. (All is right in my world tonight.)

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