New Year = Birth of a new book by a newbie writer.

Finally, working on one of my lifetime goals (bucket list items)!

downloadFor the last several years I have mulled over the idea of writing a book. During this time I have created several story line scenarios and character characteristics in my mind, never once attempting to put pen to paper and capture the thoughts in my head.  That is however; until this weekend.  I did it; I started working on the outline for my new book.  Fingers were put to keyboard, thoughts to electronic paper, and names and traits to characters.


A deadline has not been set for the book’s completion; so it will be a one day at a time adventure, spending a little time each day on the book.  Subplots and alternate story lines still need to be finalized as well as identifying the secondary characters, their traits, and how they know and will interact with the main characters.  I am excited to see how everything falls into place and where the adventures lead our main characters M.S & E. A. (sorry cannot share their name just yet.)

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2 Responses to New Year = Birth of a new book by a newbie writer.

  1. T. D. Davis says:

    Good luck and have fun. It’s very much like having a baby without the weight gain.

    • Mendy Kelley says:

      Hi T.D. I am beyond excited and expect to have a ton of fun, especially since there is no deadline looming over my head. P.S., love your baby analogy…baby without weight gain, I can do! Hopefully this will be the first of many.

      Thanks for your encouragement.

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