Consistent: My One Word for 2014

Wow, great idea!

I was watching the @Today show this morning and they did a segment on picking “One Word” that you will strive to use and blend into your life to inspire, define, motivate, enhance YOU in 2014.

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While researching the topic of One Word, I found it is not a new concept, yet somehow over the years it has eluded me.  Perhaps it was while my head was shoved in college books studying and little else mattered (besides family/friends.)

My Word

Deciding this exercise it was a great way to make a difference in my personal life, I selected my #OneWord.


  1. I will be consistent in daily prayer, not only to hear and learn what blessings God has in store for my life, but also in Thanksgiving to Him for what He is doing/has done in my life!
  2. I will be consistent in health & fitness.  Fitness is something that is conveniently (and easily) pushed out of my schedule when something more interesting, fun, daunting, or out right boring comes into play.  This year I will strive to be more consistent in my health and fitness regimen; realizing I’m not getting any younger and the effort of keeping my bosom from sagging to my waist, I need to be in the gym or incorporating outdoor exercise in my life.  Lord I pray my efforts keep my “stuff” from sagging “more.”
  3. I will strive to be consistent in blogging. While in college and forced to write term papers on a variety of topics, it hit me that I really enjoy writing, spilling my guts, sharing adventures, or simply ranting about something that doesn’t seem right or just right out irks me.  So with that, I started this blog and although I knew at the time it would take dedication, and effort to support and keep the blog current, I did not pay as much attention to it as I would have liked and even though I posted 50+ times in 2013, overall I feel I’ve done an meh job on the consistency part.

Your turn, pick one.

If you take a few minutes and research the phrase “One Word,” you will find many bloggers have blogged about their word (and why they’ve selected it), tweeters have tweeted, while others are still contemplating what their “Word” will be.

Have you picked one? If so, please link your post/blog/tweet in the comments below, I would love to read about your word.  If not, what’s holding you back? I hope this blog will inspire you to pick a word, just one word, one very important word for 2014.  Once you have your “Word,” won’t you please share?

Make a difference in YOUR life with YOUR “Word”

Oh how excited I am to be consistent this year in prayer, fitness, and blogging.  I’ll be sharing my 2014 adventures with you and how consistency has (changed, affected, bruised, impeded, pushed, endured, shamed, and reminded) my efforts, thoughts, choices, decisions, and actions this year.

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2 Responses to Consistent: My One Word for 2014

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  2. I know it’s 2 words but I can’t think of a 1-word that means hard work. Wait – determination! No, I got it tenacity!

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