Shouldn’t I be older to be called “Grandma” by 4?

Early Christmas Present

Yesterday, December 18, 2013 I was presented with news that I would once again become a Nona to another precious grandchild.  Don’t get me wrong, I love each grand-baby beyond words and couldn’t imagine how my life would be without them (probably very empty!)


With each coming grandchild I keep waiting and waiting for it to hit.  “It“, you ask?  It being…feeling, acting, and looking like a granny to 4.  I’ll admit, I’m not a spring chicken, not that I know any spring chickens who can lay claim to 4 grandchildren. I’m not quite fifty (said with a shutter).  I do have a few gray hairs which I keep in check by a visit to my hair stylist.  I have some wrinkles (I think they’re called crows feet.)  And, I could stand to lose a few pounds (who couldn’t?)

Christmas in the 1960s

Christmas in the 1960s

I guess I’m stuck in the olden days when I think about being a grandma, I have visions of my great-grandma Lucas.  Grandmas wore dresses with aprons, their knee stockings were usually rolled down to their ankles and their shoes choices were most often black with laces, and most days we would see them with rollers in their hair.

I can remember my great-grandma/grandmas to be modest, nurturing (just look at all those great-grand-babies in the picture with grandma Lucas), loving, kind, and always at home ironing, cleaning, or cooking.

Hanging on to the past

Even though I do not look or act like a granny to 4, I will however hold on to the values and morals mine passed on to me.  I will play with, nurture, love and teach my grandchildren so that one day, perhaps they’ll look back on the happy and joy-filled times we shared and cherish the loving memories, just as I have of my grandmothers.

In the end, I guess it really doesn’t matter how I look or feel when being called Nona, all that really matters is that I am NONA!  I am so so blessed!

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6 Responses to Shouldn’t I be older to be called “Grandma” by 4?

  1. Know how you feel…with bells on 🙂
    How can I be grandma to ten? With the oldest grandchild married?
    I was a grandma at age 44 and had a baby myself at age 45!
    And inside, I’m only 26 🙂

    • Mendy Kelley says:

      I can only imagine how you feel becoming a blessed grandma at 44; I made my mom a granny at 42.

      I guess 40 is the new thirty although I do not feel 26 inside, I definitely do not feel like I’m creeping up on 48.

      Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you and all of your…a very Merry Christmas.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A FEW gray hairs?! LOL Congrats! You hit the nail on the head, grandma’s are older, gray haired, at home, and sweet.

    • Mendy Kelley says:

      Fortunately, only a few gray hairs (but they don’t last long). 🙂 I am so excited to welcome another grandchild into the family and cannot wait to meet the little one. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  3. T. D. Davis says:

    I can’t imagine. Right now I have difficulty wrapping my brain around the fact that my oldest is turning 17 next month. How did that happen?

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