Birthday Surprise Weekend (Part 3) ~ B’s First Flight in a Decade

De Plane, De Plane

After being groped and searched at airport security and hurrying through the phone call while waiting to board the plane; we finally boarded and found our seats, quickly settling in for the one-hour flight to Charlotte, NC.


Pops & B, looking forward to an exciting weekend and the big surprise for the Florida family.

“B” was like a kid an a candy store.  She was so excited I thought I was going to have to administer Valerian just to calm her down (just kidding).  I know it has been many years since she’s flown, and a lot of “security” changes made, but the act of flying has basically gone unchanged.  I did have to remind her that people in flight generally like a somewhat quiet cabin as they pass the time reading or sleeping.  She quieted down as we were taking off.


Ascending to cruising altitude. “B” thought this was awesome and the clear day made it even better.

“B” took tons of pictures of the plane’s wing and the beautiful clear sky.  As the flight progressed, I glanced over a couple of times and saw a concerned look on her face when we hit turbulence.  It was a “little scary” she said.

I’ll share a secret with you, I absolutely hate take-offs and landing.  Actually to tell the truth, I really don’t care to fly at all, especially when we hit turbulence  However, for quick weekend jaunts, driving 1,000+ miles just doesn’t cut it.

Before we knew it we were preparing to land in Charlotte, then would have to find the gate for our next flight to Tampa.  Wouldn’t you know it…we land at one end of the airport and our next departing gate was waaaaaay on the other side of the building, and getting there was atrocious with people everywhere (Part 4).  How can this be when we were flying the same airline?  Still haven’t figured that one out yet.


Told ya she is a “nut”.

The second leg of our journey was just as the first, “B” was still excited to be flying and was especially hyped up on the wonderfully exciting weekend that was before us.  (I think she actually calmed down enough and snoozed a bit on the Tampa bound flight.)

Check back soon for Part 4~Moving Sidewalks

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