Finally, After Several Months…I’m Back

You have probably noticed that I’ve not been blogging as much lately.  Reason is I was finishing up my degree in the first quarter, then went straight into repairing/remodeling my rental home, getting it ready to put on the market.

After 3 1/2 months working on the rental property, I finally finished everything this weekend.  I (with occasional help from my sister) did everything from painting the exterior, built a bench out front, repaired front stoop into house, laid new kitchen flooring (yep, did it myself), painted everything inside (including kitchen cabinets), restored the kitchen counter tops, repaired the guard rail on the upper landing; just to name a few items on the long list of “to-Do’s”.  I did break down though and had professional carpet installers lay the new carpet throughout the house.

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Since I (we) only had nights and weekends to work, it took longer than expected to fix her up to sell. In the end everything looks fabulous and I hope it sells quickly.  Carrying two mortgages will kill anyone’s budget.

Moving on to fun stuff

Now that THAT project is completed, I anticipate getting back to blogging on a somewhat regular basis.  I already have some adventures in the pipeline and should have a new one posted later today.

It feels good to be back doing something I truly enjoy, instead of spending every spare moment working on the rental (can you say huge undertaking).  I am looking forward to sharing our life’s adventures with you through Kelleydoscope eyes.

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