The Love Affair is Ova!

You may remember when I wrote of a love affair (read it here) that started more than ten years ago.  Well that special love has somewhat subsided.  Let me tell ya a story.

It all started…

…a few nights ago when The Boy came in from work, was obviously thirsty, headed to the fridge, opened the door, looked at his options, grabs something, closes door and proceeds to lean against the fridge while chatting with other house occupants.

Approximately 20 seconds later we hear beep…beep and realize he’s leaned against the DeadFridgedoor panel controls and now the indicator lights are off…nada…nothing…dead.  The fridge is no longer working, not cooling, not making ice and definitely not providing water via the dispenser.

A Determined Guy

After spending an hour flipping breakers, unplugging and plugging in the appliance, pushing countless combinations of buttons to see if we could get it to reset (the online GE manual offers NO help in resetting the appliance); The Boy managed to get the compressor to kick back on…meaning it was once again cooling…question was for how long?  Although none of the functions on the front end were working, the interior lights still off and still…no water or ice cubes, it was cooling and I was well, as happy as I could be considering the situation.

GE Customer Service (rolling eyes) what a joke!

This event took place on Sunday night.  I did not even bother trying to call GE’s customer service as it was nearing 11:00 pm and I knew they wouldn’t be open and would wait until morning to call.

So, I get a text message from a very apologetic son (who is at school) at 7:56 am on Monday morning  reminding me the service lines open in 4-minutes; I assured him the call would be made in short order.  Eight minutes later on Monday morning I placed the call and explained to the person on the other end the events of the prior evening.  She assured me since my purchase was less than a year ago they would have it back up and working for me.  After giving all my information, the particulars of where and when the appliance was purchased (why do we fill out and send warranty cards that has all this info on it, if they are only going to ask us again for it when we need service???  It’s baffling!)  Anyway, after giving the info the customer service rep says she can have someone out here….GET THIS….on the 30th of May.  HUH???  That’s ten days from now…SERIOUSLY???  I explained to her that I was calling about a fridge, you know…the big box that holds food which needs to stay cold and not a coffee maker, microwave, or dishwasher that someone could live without for a few weeks, if necessary.  This is a FRIDGE, stocked with food…and who knows what it is liable to do in the next couple of hours much less ten days.

She explained to me they do not have “same day service” on their appliance repairs.  I replied that I was okay with that, but to wait ten days was ludicrous and asked to speak with a supervisor.  The rep said she could squeeze me in on the 28th…again I refused to accept such a long wait period and repeated my request to speak with a supervisor.

After being on hold for 40-minutes (I guess they were hoping I would hang up and accept the 10-day wait period), finally a “supervisor” came on the line, identified herself and stated she understood I was unhappy with the time frame of service quoted to me earlier.  DANG right I was unhappy!  I explained to her that I paid quite a sum for the hunk of metal, it is less than a year old, and I refused to accept that it would take them a week and a half to mosey over and fix my fridge.  I was getting a bit hot under the collar at this point and asked the supervisor if there were that many broken GE appliances in my area that warranted such a long wait period?  Her reply, ma’am we do not have same day repair service…yadda yadda yadda.  I restated already being informed of the “no same day service” policy that GE has in place and that I was not asking for same day, however I refuse to be satisfied with the 8 to 10 days wait.

I guess she was tired of hearing me rant and finally said they could have someone out tomorrow between 1 and 5pm.  I replied, “fantastic…book it, thank you…see them tomorrow,” and hung up.

Tuesday, May 21st

Bill, the repair tech shows up and I gave him a little history of the events that caused the outage; again I was assured he’d get it up and running again.  He plugged his laptop into the top of the fridge (didn’t know there was a plug up there) and a few moments later he started making questioning noises of confusion.  After a minute or two he turned to me and said he’s never seen anything like it….no reading of anything, nothing and that the lack of readings would indicate the entire unit should be dead (but it isn’t…remember The Boy pushed buttons and kick started the compressor).  Bill was baffled, wasn’t sure what was going on and decided to order a new motherboard and front display unit and that he’d return on Thursday to replace both.  In less than 15-minutes he was gone.

Thursday, May 23rd

ItsAlive-The FridgeEarly in the morning I receive a call from my sister who told me to look at the fridge.  I saw lights working on the display that has been out for the better part of four days.  I pressed the water and ice buttons….yep…dispensing and the interior lights are back on. (Imagine that?)

I decided to keep the replacement appointment just cause the thing was really being strange.  Bill arrives a little later that day and I fill him in on today’s miraculous awakening of the chill box.  He was just as surprised as we were but stated that it is clearly malfunctioning and would prefer to replace the motherboard just to be on the safe side, I agreed.  Fifteen minutes later, he had the replacement part installed, ran diagnostics and conveyed everything was in perfect working order, thanked me for the business and was gone. (Ahhh a knight in shining armor.)

Okay, maybe the love affair isn’t ova….but I sure dislike GE’s policies and their customer service department.  Just cause I was pissed and on hold for so long waiting to talk to the supervisor, I searched the internet for unhappy GE customers.  Man oh man what I found sure makes me wish I researched the appliance department before purchasing the fridge.  I’ve concluded that either their products are truly crapola or their repair tech’s have not a clue about what they’re doing (no Bill though).

Bill, well let’s just say I’m totally into him….he made my week! 🙂

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