Family Bonding Over Food

Nothing brings family together like food.  Last week my sister informed me there was going to be a food judging contest at her work and asked if I would help her come up with and prepare her entry and that the entries will be judged on three criteria: 1) originality; 2) presentation; and 3) taste.   My reply, sure will.  So here we are a week later and the big day is tomorrow.

We decided to make a fruit cake.  No, not the Christmas type, but a summer type fruit cake.  This morning, I baked the cakes that make up the four layers, iced them this afternoon and we decorated it tonight.  I won’t be able to taste the finished product as I am sure there won’t be much (if anything) left over for her to bring home; but I’m okay with that.

I think we have met the three judging criteria, but we shan’t know that until tomorrow.  (Keeping fingers crossed for her.)

The finished piece (of cake)

The finished piece (of cake)


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