Serious Stuff Department Meeting, No…Seriously!

Last night my sister “B”, who works in a warehouse, was telling me about a quick meeting they had yesterday at work.


Apparently, some of the info was just general need to know stuff, then toward the end of the meeting the head manager offered a $50 reward if anyone knew….GET THIS….who was wiping boogers on the men’s restroom wall. (Gross, but I promise, true events.)

After the meeting “B” went to the manager and announced she completed extensive investigative work on the “booger” case and would like to claim the reward because she knew who the culprit was.

The Culprit

She very quickly gained the attention of the all too serious manager who was sitting behind his desk; and as he leaned forward, he quickly asked  “WHO”?  To which, “B” leaned forward and said The Booger Man.”

“B” may not have received the offered reward, but she did gain kudos from her peers because she managed to break the “all business at all times” boss man and made him laugh.

My Disgust

I have to say I was a little disgusted as she was relaying the day’s events to me and was thinking to myself, this cannot be true.  First, who in their right mind would offer such a reward; and secondly, who could be so gross to actually wipe “it” on a wall.  For pete-sake use a tissue!  Then with a straight face, “B” tells me the punchline and I busted a gut laughing.

Lessons learned:

1) Ladies here is the proof…men’s public restrooms are nasty, DON’T go in THERE!

2) Guys, don’t wipe boogers on walls, you WILL be called out.

3) Even in a funny, yet a somewhat serious matter (to some), there is a punchline, our job is to find it in each situation.

I hope your day is booger free and full of laughter.

Until next time…

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One Response to Serious Stuff Department Meeting, No…Seriously!

  1. Christine Campbell says:

    Lol 🙂

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