The Boy and life as a cart-go-getter.

Well it is official, my youngest is employed and I feel old!

Luke's Shirt

Kroger’s New Slogan

A few weeks ago The Boy became gainfully employed at a local grocery store as a bag boy and cart-go-getter, and has his first month of paychecks under his belt.  Let the life lessons commence…Life lesson #1…be responsible and get a job.

His first check was a whopping $14.18 but he didn’t care because it was his money, earned by his hard work.  I knew this check would not be enough to open his personal checking account, so I had the clerk cash the check for The Boy to have some pocket change.  And, being the super great awesome mom I am (blushing), I asked the teller to transfer the necessary funds from my savings to to open the account. Life lesson #2…learn how to manage/budget funds and balance your checkbook.

O.M.G…What a Miser

The Boy absolutely loves having his own money, but won’t spend it on anything and expects that I continue to purchase his Oreo Shakes from McDonald’s.  If I say he has to pay for it, all of a sudden he decides that he really didn’t want one in the first place. Hopefully this will be a trait that remains with him throughout his life (buy your own stuff).

Blue Truck

The Boy’s Truck

Oh what a harsh, harsh world we live in.

For the last year or so all The Boy  has talked about was getting a job so he could pay for his auto insurance and drive the little blue tuck that Gramps and JMAK (The Boy’s brother) bought him.  Life lesson #3…pay your own way, pay your own auto insurance.

Unfortunately, reality has been a little hard on him.  He recently learned that in order to afford  the maintenance, fuel, and insurance for the truck, one needs to work more than 12-14 hours a week, and at this point his average is roughly 14 hours a week.  Life lesson #4…life isn’t always fair.

He is on the “School to Work” program at school, (it used to be call work release when I was a kid) and he is dismissed 1.25 hrs earlier than non-working students.  With this school approve program in place, we’re hoping he’ll be able to work more hours each week.  Life lesson #5…hard work and dedication pays off.

Hard Working Fella

@ the doctors for meds

@ the doctors for meds

As a “Cart-Go-Getter & Bagger,” The Boy has to retrieve shopping carts from the parking lot, no matter the weather.  While at work…getting carts, he has found himself in snowy, slushy, cold, and rainy weather…yet never complains.  Last week it hit him like a brick wall.  After fighting a head cold for about 10-days, he finally told me his throat hurt and it was hard to swallow; so needless to say we made a trip to the doctors and the verdict…strep.  Life lesson #6…sometimes ya gotta work, even when you’re sick.   Here we are a week later, he’s feeling more like himself and has declared he dislikes being sick. My reply…duh, who does?

So now the cycle continues…he works, deposits checks and is saving up for his insurance deposit (while sparingly making small purchases for himself).  Once he has enough “cash-ola” for the deposit, I will take him for his intermediate drivers license and he will “finally” be able to drive alone, without a fully licensed driver with him.  That is a day I don’t want arriving too quickly as it will only confirm that The Boy will be an independent semi-adult and have no reason to rely on mom for much more than food and housing for the next year :-(.

New Chapters…to be written???

Instead of thinking about losing my youngest to his chapter of independence, perhaps I should consider the fact that I too have reached that stage in life that I have often thought about during my 32+ years of raising children.  That thought being…I too can be independent and do those things that I could not while rearing three kids.  Not really sure what those “things”will be, but I always my Bucket List for ideas.

Gosh, being a parent is a truly wonderful experience leading up to a sad realization.  If we do our job right, they won’t need us for much…other than to let them go and to always love and support them unconditionally…for the rest of our days on earth.


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