McDonald’s…I’m NOT LOVIN’ IT!!!!

GoldenArchesI had a very busy day today and being Saturday I decided to pick up a quick-lunch for “The Boy” and me at our local McDonald’s.

While patiently waiting for oncoming traffic to pass so I could safely make the left hand turn into the parking lot, five cars….count them….1…2…3…4…and yep…5 cars from the incoming traffic turned in ahead of me.   Needless to say, the drive through was backed up so I decided to go in and order.

I do not indulge often, so I opted to “go large” for the fries, of which I paid an upcharge.  So after waiting ten minutes for our meals to be ready (come on guys…you have been making the same twenty items on your menu for several decades, why must it take so long to prepare a Big Mac and a Quarter Pounder?)  With our meals, I also ordered two drinks and an Oreo shake for The Boy.  The cashier sat all three drinks on the counter along with the bag of food and said my order was ready.  Last I recall, I only had two arms, therefore I requested a drink carrier for the three beverage items.  The cashier looked at me and stated “we’re out.”

Now, I had to figure out how to: 1) carry three drinks and a sack of food, and 2) unlock and open my car door to deposit the items on the passenger seat. (With a bit of wit and a balancing act I somehow accomplished the task with no spillage or dropped food).

I was stopped at a red light and the fresh hot fries were calling my name, I decided to grab a few fries and this is what I found. Two large fry containers with one filled 1/2 way and the other 3/4 full.  What peeves me the most…I paid extra for these items.  The second thing…how can you be out of beverage carriers???  Wake up McDonald’s, you are letting your competition blow you away in the service and quality/quantity department.

McDonald's Fries #2

McDonald's Fries #1


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2 Responses to McDonald’s…I’m NOT LOVIN’ IT!!!!

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    You’re fortunate you’ve only had one bad with McDonald’s.

    I’ve gone to a McDonald’s in our town 45 minutes before closing and was told they were out of pies. I asked to see the manager (I was at the drive-thru). Well it turned out they had already cleaned for the night and had shut everything down. I said fine, I’d let the corporate offices know about it. 15 minutes later I had my pie.

    Another time I went and they were out of pickles. Can you imagine? AND they didn’t tell me. When I found out I drove back. I had to wait while they sent someone to the store to buy pickles!

    I’ve gotten sandwiches that were still frozen.
    French fries that are so old they’re crunchy.
    Wrong orders happen ALL the time.
    The shake mixer doesn’t blend and they said it’s because the person who has the franchise doesn’t want to go to the expense to replace it.

    I honestly don’t know if they don’t bother to train the workers or the workers (and I use that term only as in they are employed there) just don’t care.

    McDonald’s sucks.

    • Mendy Kelley says:

      Hi othermother. I soooo feel your pain. More times than I care to recall, I have driven away from the same McDonalds with a partial order, or worse yet…someone else’s order and contained less than needed to feed the hungry…if ya know what I mean.

      Thanks for “talkin’ to me.”

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