To you, from me.

hand_reaching_outLife sometimes gets in they way of living.  I know you are going through some challenges;  and I’ve tried several times to reach out and let you know I was there, to be a source of strength for you…just to be there for you.

My communication has only been met with silence.  I wanted to be a source of support; so I can only surmise that in the end, I am not the one you turned to when you needed someone there next to you.  That’s okay, I won’t lie and say I understand your reasoning, because I do not.  I thought things were changing, sadly said…I must have been mistaken.  (If I am mistaken about being mistaken, only you can set it straight.)

It is difficult to remain optimistic about the future when what is going on in your life is not shared.  Only at your request did I open up and shared, even when I was hesitant in doing so and expressed my reservations to you.  Why you ask, because it was you who asked for me to listen to what you had to say.  Surely you know I would have not been so open to listening had it been another with the same request, regardless of how sincere they seemed to be.

tearsI hope you can find solace, peace, and happiness in your decision and any tears that may have shed are dried by a loving hand.

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