A quick Sunday story

Surprises Abound

We were all preparing to head out the door for a family group day of adventure.  Just before departing, a long-time family friend stopped by with Christmas gifts she purchased the season before: however, was unable to deliver them until that day because she was traveling out of the country.

As the gifts were being brought into the house, any onlooker could tell each was wrapped with love as they displayed perfectly squared corners.  Each bore very elaborately embellished gift tags with names in a “curly” hand scripted font. (Almost made ya not want to open the package.)

The Name Calling

After the gifts were carefully placed on the dining room table, our friend asked me to call out the names on the tags to make sure she had all the gifts before passing them out to their intended.

I started relaying the names: Chuck, Margaret, Larry, Gina, Marissa, Billy, Timmy and  so on.  After about 25 names I got to the last package and said the name as I saw it printed on the tag “Ake.”  “AKE?”, I questioned while looking at her with an expression of utter confusion.  She gasped, her eyes grew wide and a streak of horror crossed her face as she rushed to where I was standing to see for herself the name on the tag.  Sure enough…there it was…”Ake.”

After a moment of pause, you could see her expression changing as she started laughing and said “apparently I was a bit over zealous when typing Blake’s name and did not realize the caps lock was on for the first two letters and I forgot to remove the red color from the last name tag I printed.”  

The tag looked something like this.

So, you can see where the confusion is (or isn’t), due to operator error, the first two letters blend in with the background and all you see is “ake.”  We quickly found a black marker and filled in the letters “B” and “L”; then all became good again in our little corner of the world.  As we were handing out the gifts, I thought to myself…this would make a great blog story.

Then I woke up and realized it was only a dream!

(Thank goodness for that because we do not have a “Blake , Gina or Marissa” in our family that I am aware…OR…I have been excluding people from my Christmas list for years!)

It’s funny how…

…even in “slumber” our dreams offer us adventures, although at times they can be somewhat L-A-M-E adventures and poke fun at our personal shortcomings…all I’m gonna say is “the eyesight isn’t what it used to be!”

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