Is it love? It might just be!

Infatuation?  Nah, I knew I would have you…eventually!

It was love at first sight; a feeling that I have carried with me since our initial encounter some eleven years ago.  I remember first seeing you standing by the wall; your stature was tall and inviting to come over and check you out.  Your frame made me find reasons to be near you, to walk by you…just to get a glimpse of your enticing build.  It was as though somehow you were sending kinetic energy/signals to me, whispering my name telling me to come over,  to bask in your presence and flutter in the vicinity of your fabulousness; all while not being able to tear my eyes away from you.

Over the years, there were times that busy life somehow tucked you away, buried you in the back of my mind.  Days turned into weeks and then something would trigger visions of you and there you were, filling my mind again with that familiar sense of want, yet stronger than before even after all these years.

There Were Others

On more than a few occasions I caught others gazing at you with longing and want in their eyes.  You and I both knew they wanted you as badly as I did, however, jealously played no part on my behalf regarding their yearnings for you.  Although none of your admirers were sure who would have you first, I knew without a doubt that one day…YOU would be MINE!

Younger Versions of You Don’t Measure Up

Over the years I have entertained a couple few younger versions of you, however none really held a candle to your abilities or in the needs fulfillment department.  After years of telling myself I would have you one day, finally…I recently made the decision to take the steps necessary and officially make you mine.  I have thought of little else over the last week before arriving at the conclusion that YES…I deserve you, I need you, and I most definitely WANT YOU!

Want More?

If you would like to know what happens next and get a glimpse for yourself of the vision I have carried with me for so many years, look here.

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  2. Mendy K. says:

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