To My Children

This is truly a powerful message, one in which every parent should continually relay to their child(ren).


Yes, we parents sometimes allow our children to experience failure as they grow; but we do so in a loving home of family who supports them and they know they are safe to try (and fail) again.  We do this so they won’t grow into adults expecting to be the best at everything and then believe their world has crashed when they first experience failure as adults.

Let’s not fail our children by not letting them know we are there for them…always and for all of our days!

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2 Responses to To My Children

  1. bstevenv says:

    Another good blog. You need to tell me how you get so much info on your page.

    • Mendy K. says:

      I constantly have stuff running through my head, and sometimes, as with this post, I see things elsewhere that have a meaning in my life. What other stuff do you want to put on yoru blog? If I were you, I would start my thoughts in a Word document, then post it to your blog when you have the story completed. That’s what I do, I have about ten “stories” in the works at all times.

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