All of a sudden, it hit him.

Ten down, two to go!

Considering the time of the year, can you guess what I am referring to?  Yep that’s right…school.  We will be clothes shopping this weekend in preparation for The Boy’s high school junior year which starts Wednesday.  He and I were talking a little while ago and he said “Mom, it hit me like a slap in the face; I’m gonna be a junior this year, I’m almost an adult”, haha…he just turned 16.

I must confess, he is not the only one who is a little excited about the “2-to go countdown.”  I have had kids in school since 1988 and find myself a bit giddy when thinking about not having to rise early (and continually check on The Boy) to make sure he has moved from his bed and not just readjusted on it every school morning.

Focused on the Future

He’s a bit nervous about his future, but is happy about seeing his old friends again, the new year, and the good times that await the Class of 2014 this year.  He understands the need to buckle down and diligently apply himself these next two years in preparation for college.  Not that he doesn’t have okay grades to start with, but if he applied himself, his report cards would reflect A’s & B’s instead of B’s & C’s (with a barely passing D in English).  Seriously, ENGLISH???  How can you barely pass English… when you speak it?   

Ahh…college, now that is another story AND a quandary for The Boy.  He has stressed about his future career since freshman year.  At one point he was pretty set on being an Architect; however, after some serious consideration he has pretty much decided he does not want to live his career indoors and behind a desk/computer.  He has aspirations to do something with his hands, yet seeks a career that will afford him a comfortable lifestyle.

This year we will be requesting college brochures from around the country, hoping that something will strike him in the way of the career options and direction.  While The Boy is finishing high school and preparing to enter college, I will be completing my bachelor’s degree.  I think its pretty cool that the same year he graduates high school, I will be graduating from college.  Pretty awesome, huh?  We think so!  Well, here’s to another great school year, and if you still have kids in school…I wish you continual strength to get up and do it again and again, every blessed morning.  Let’s face it, our leisurely summer is OVER!

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4 Responses to All of a sudden, it hit him.

  1. Thank you for finding me, and liking me enough to follow:) This has also given the opportunity to add another great Blog to my reading list. I too have a Junior in High School as well as Junior in College. It is funny how reality hits them just as your son described, “like a slap in the face…”

    • Mendy K. says:

      Hi Dramamama,

      Thanks for visiting our blog. I too look for interesting bloggers and enjoy reading about their adventures, tales, and stories. Kids are a great source for storytelling (well, mine is for me). When we have children, we know from personal experience that it WILL one day hit them (just as it did us), and they’ll realize they are growing up and will soon have to face true reality of adulthood, college, working, and bills. I loved the expression on The Boy’s face when he was relaying “his realization” and wish I captured it for the post…it was PRICELESS!

      Thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Thanks for the pingback! Love your blog from what I’ve read =)

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