Warped Music with a Good Cause Served on the Side

Warped (huh?)

For something that “apparently” has been in existence and roaming North America for some 18 summers, this is the first year I have ever heard the words “Warped Tour”; and find myself rather surprised my two older sons (28 & 30) have never mentioned this event to me before.

Since that first time hearing about the summer event several weeks ago when my 16-year-old asked if he could attend, the words Warped Tour, Warped Tour, Warped Tour have been repeatedly repeated in our house daily.   I have come to this conclusion…if I never hear those two words used together again, it will be too soon for me.  For that reason, I am happy today (Tuesday, July 31, 2012) has finally come and gone.  Woo hoo!!!

Band: Falling in Reverse

Warped Tour 2012 literally “screamed/slammed” into Cincinnati’s Riverbend Music Center for today’s outdoor concert(s), consisting of 9-1/2 hours of continuous aggressive music genres such as: punk rock, metal, screamo, pop punk, rockabilly (seriously…rockabilly?), alternative, hardcore, reggae (I like reggae), indie, goth, grunge, and rap music (yeah…really….that’s what they called it…music).

The boy arrived home this evening wet and stinky from a day of sweating and full of excitement and stories to tell about bands he loved and I never knew existed.  Some of those band names are: Cold Forty Three, Blood on the Dance Floor, Falling in Reverse, Hostage Calm (WTH???).  The boy said he went crowd surfing (I know what that is), was in the “pit” during a couple of sets, and watched other concert goers jump, sing, and “slam-dance”.  Go ahead, use your imagination on that last one…it IS exactly what you’re thinking and during the dance, injuries are common and the effects of said are clearly visible (well, red rather than clear, but still very visible).

Although I would not sum the day up as “one of the greatest ones…EVER,” that’s how the boy described his day.  In his defense, Luke comes by his enjoyment for a variety of music genres honestly as we have a line of generations who were (and some still are) multiple genre music enthusiasts.

Good Cause Side Dish

While up to my eye-lids in internet research about this “Warped Tour” thing, I found out that the concert organizers give free merchandise, backstage passes, jump the line passes, tour posters and much more to those who make canned-good or cash donations at the event’s “donation tent” which is set up at each location.  Those donations are then given to a local charity for community distribution.  WOW….what a fantastic way to promote a super cause by introducing and involving teenagers (typical “Warped” audience) in community service and helping others.  Thanks Vans Warped Tour organizers…..great forward thinking!!! 😀

Looking Forward

Not that I am looking forward to next summer and WT2013 (and hearing about it for weeks on end); I know at least a kid, three, or sixteen who will start surfing the web as soon as school is out next year, to see when their town pops up on the 19th year WT radar.  Maybe I’ll check out the Reggae bands and people watch next year; then again maybe I won’t…time shall tell (but don’t hold your breath).

Wake Up America…

…we’re not in the 1970’s anymore!

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3 Responses to Warped Music with a Good Cause Served on the Side

  1. Andrew says:

    I never was much of one for the mosh pit, never slam dancing, or anything similar. I don’t care for anything uber macho, but if someone falls, so long as people help said person out.

  2. Andrew says:

    I have been going to the Warped Tour since ’97! And nowadays, they also have the Warped Eco Initiative, Keep a Breast has a tent, PETA, Klean Kanteen to my knowledge is their second year on the tour, and I am likely missing others! Back when it started it was mostly punk rock of the time, and the message of punk rock is unity, and not judging people. Not sure about today, but the atmosphere remains the same generally. One can go, and not worry about appearance or anything (at least up here in Montreal)!

    • Mendy K. says:

      Hi Andrew, thank you for commenting. Your message of unity, that is exactly what my son said and is one of the reasons he enjoyed it so much. Although kids dance differently (I still do not get the Slam Dancing), my son said everyone was really friendly. It is the unity of the music that they all had in common.

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