Dreams… dreams, dreams, dreams…..


A repost from my cousin bstevenv. Makes ya think. Sweet dreams ya’ll.



OK, so you go to bed, get all cozy and comfy, and go to sleep. That’s the end of “normal”, at least for me.

Dreams. Not the “When I grow up, I’ll have a Cadillac and a big house” type of dream, but those WHOA! types that, if you remember them, or any part of them, leaves you scratching your head in amazement.

Some are scary, and when you wake up, you’re not sure that you are awake or not. I hate those, and they make it hard to go back to sleep. Debi has had to wake me from a few of these, and I thought I was already awake!

Some are fun. And some are happy dreams. Like when you’re at Disney or something. I like these, a lot. There was one where I was eating a fudge bar ice cream, and when I woke up…

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