New Driver in the House

I knew it was coming….I’ve known it for sixteen years, but I still was not prepared for him to take the leap.  Yep….it’s official, the boy is legally permitted to operate a vehicle.

Today was the first time I was in the passenger seat with him driving MY car.  He is not the first driver I’ve taught, however many years have passed since the last one and let just say, I don’t know if he had any jitters, but I sure did.

So, here we go.  He backed out of the drive and was headed in a direction other than how we normally go to the main road; I didn’t say anything to him because I know it is easier to back out of the drive in that direction than the other due to street parking in our neighborhood.

So, he’s heading up the street (on a hill) and I quickly remind him since the cars are parked on our side of the street, he has to yield to oncoming vehicles (I was informed he already knew that bit of info).  We approached the stop sign at the top of the hill where he made a proper stop and turn (now that I think about it, I do not recall if he used his directional).  After making the turn and about five houses down the street I told him to pull over and put the car in park.  No, not to let me drive, but because I looked over at him and his knees were up to the steering wheel and he was all scrunched up to the dash.  (Picture this….the boy is nearing six-foot in height, I am 5’6″ and he left the seat where I last had it.  Oh how funny he looked, I should have snapped a picture.)  Being the good mom I am, I had him properly adjust his seat and when he moved the seat back and down, his comment was “ahhh that is much better”, my reply….”DUH!!!”

We took a short jaunt to get his hair cut, but he did very well for MY first trip out with him.  He is a bit heavy on the brakes (who wasn’t when they started driving?); I’m sure he’ll get that worked out and start feeling more confident as he has another mandated  48 daylight hours and 10 night hours to drive before testing for his intermediate license where he can drive without an adult, no other passengers, and only in daylight hours.

He might be ready to take his driver’s exam in six months, but I am not so sure about his mother.

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