It’s official…

…vacation is over, and so seems to be the full nights of sleep!

After working 60+ hours the week prior to vacation week, I rose this morning at 5:00 am and was in the office by 7.  Worked 11.5 hours, commuted home and now I find myself sitting here blogging at 12:25 am on the morning of June 19th.  Again…sleep eludes me.

For someone who has not slept a full night for months, I could have slept all night AND day in the mountains while on vacation.  I do not know what it was, could it have been the mountain air (and all the fresh oxygen generated from them)?  Or perhaps it was the bed or the fact that I was on vacation and therefore automatically felt relaxed…no work?  I can say this for sure, whatever the “sleep inducing” variable, I sure would like to identify it…bottle it…and keep a bottle in my purse for nights such as this.

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