Mission accomplished, knowledge gained!

After two and a half very long years, all course requirements for my AABA are just about complete. Although I’ve been in the corporate world for the better part of 25-years and initially suspected I would learn a thing or two in college, I am surprised by exactly “what” it was that I have learned while in college.

I have learned…

Mathematical formulas (Are "Armed" :P)

Mathematical formulas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

♦ I really disliked both of the prerequisite math classes.  I am not sure what has happened since high school; when I enjoyed math and would have considered myself a wiz with the numbers.  I do not know if it was the mathematical formulas or this old brain of mine, but in the end the two refused to make nice and work together; which made the courses challenging.

♦ No matter how knowledgeable a student may be prior to entering college, chances are there will be at least one professor who is a jerk and for some reason feels compelled to continually find (or create) opportunities to interject their degree in order to convenience themselves they know (or should know) more about the subject they are teaching than their students do.  Luckily, I have only encountered this scenario on two occasions in as many years.

♦ As a full-time working adult student, there will never be enough hours in the day!  No, NEVER…EVER!!!  Therefore, we are forced to find ways to cope with “real” life while college demands a huge amount of our waking hours.

♦ Writing 4 term papers in a quarter is a bit excessive; however, my writing has improved considerably over the last two years.

English: Monument to Dante Alighieri at the Pu...

English: Monument to Dante Alighieri at the Puerta de Dante (“Dante’s Entrance”) of the Retiro Park (Jardines del Buen Retiro) in Madrid (Spain). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

♦ More than I cared to know about modern reliefs from my first humanities class.

♦ Some people are lifelong college students and I will NOT be one of them.

♦ Through classmates that statistics is either a “love it” or “hate it” course!  My classmates and I were briefly introduced to statistics in our finance class and I found it interesting how numbers work together to provide accurate information.  Statistics will be one of those classes that I will either tremendously enjoy or loathe every minute of it.

♦ Professors do not like it when a student is proven correct and they were “mistaken” or “misinformed”.

Since entering college in January 2010 I can attest “mission accomplished, knowledge gained”; in addition I have been pleasantly surprised by how quickly said knowledge has been useful in my current position.

It is a little weird to think that upon earning my BBA in International Studies, the year of my fiftieth birthday will be right around the corner.  Although I’ve not a clue of how the “International..yadda yadda” degree will benefit my future, I selected the course of study because it seemed to offer a more intriguing aspect of the business world.  Knowing this for sure however, will definitively be a case of “time shall tell.”

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